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FTM 2012 Genealogy Reports

FTM 2012 Genealogy Reports

Posted: 10 Apr 2012 8:10PM GMT
Classification: Query
I am a long time user of FTM. I recently made the jump from FTM 2005 to FTM 2012. I had previously bought FTM 2010 and did not like it so I stayed with FTM 2005. Because no longer supports the old user webpages that were available under FTM 2005, I was forced to go to FTM 2012 in order to display my data online for family members and the public. My problem is this, when I try to create a decendants genealogy report with FTM 2012 it never completes. In FTM 2005, I could complete a 12 generation deep report in 4 or 5 minutes. My database has over 79,000 names. When I try this same report in FTM 2012, it takes 1 minutes to run a 4 generation report (256 pages), 8 minutes for a 5 generation report (584 pages) and the 6 generation reports failed after 38 minutes. I have done all of the fixes that were sent to me by Family Tree Maker support people. I have compacted the file, exported to an extended family chart, and uploaded the data to and then downloaded the data back to me in a new file. I even tried downloading as a gedcom file in order to strip away all the media items and just leave text. Still not able to complete anything more than a 5 generation report. I have a brand new computer with an Intel I5 processor and 4 GB of memory with a 500 GB hard drive, so I know that resources are not the problem. I would love to complete a full geneaology report of my line to share with my family and other researchers. The old report under FTM 2005 would run in the area of 1900 pages. Are there limitations built into FTM 2012 that we were not made aware of? Any help on this matter would be highly appreciated.

Re: FTM 2012 Genealogy Reports

Posted: 10 Apr 2012 10:28PM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 10 Apr 2012 10:30PM GMT
How many items to include do you have? Try stripping "items to include" down to vital records, uncheck all boxes for notes and sources, etc and try to run with as minimal info as possible. Then, start checking boxes to add sources, notes, etc one at at a time to see which might be giving a problem.

Do you know how many people would be in this report?

I take it you don't want to share via trees? Have you thought about uploading your gedcom to World Connect? World Connect displays info in Genealogy (Register) Report format, as well as displaying pedigrees, family, etc. It sounds like your report will be so massive that I wonder about its effectiveness versus a web presentation at WorldConnect.

Re: FTM 2012 Genealogy Reports

Posted: 11 Apr 2012 2:43AM GMT
Classification: Query
I have tried just using the default settings, which are name, birth, death and marriage, and the report still has the same problems. This is just my paternal line, but it goes back 12 generations. On my old webpage through FTM 2005, I was able to display 5 reports. The first one was an index of all the people in my database and the other four were the paternal and maternal lines for both my father and my mother. FTM 2005 use to crank these reports out in 4 or 5 minutes with all notes, and references included. You will never know the amount of new data that has come my way just because of these four reports.

And I have uploaded my tree to That was one of the fixes they suggested in order to fix any problems in my database. In the old days (very early days of FTM) they use to have a databse tool that you could run to identify any problems. They say that no tool exists now.

If this is suppose to be a "much better" program, then why can't it handle a simple report. I am not asking it to do anything more then what was available in FTM 2005. And as a side note, when I ran my reports on FTM 2005, it was on a PC that had an Intel Pentium 4 processor and 1 GB of memory. I am trying to run the same report in FTM 2012 on a PC that has an Intel I5 processor with 4 GB of memory. If I was running this report on FTM 2005 on this PC, it would be done before I could click the mouse button.
I will take a look at world Connect, to see if would fit my needs. I have even considered installing FTM 2010 to see if it handles the reports any better.

Re: FTM 2012 Genealogy Reports

Posted: 11 Apr 2012 3:56AM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 11 Apr 2012 3:57AM GMT
I guess I'm still wondering why you are wanting this report. Didn't the ancestry member tree that you put up work for you and whoever else you want to see the info??

I used to do genealogy reports, especially on my dad's side, where I could run a report that was "only" several hundred pages long. But, even then, I found that people were only interested in their specific line. They didn't want to wade through hundreds and hundreds of pages and end notes and all the rest - when a web presentation - whether it be on an ancestry tree or a WorldConnect or put up on a webpage with the old Gedd2html program is so much simpler, easy to follow, different views and have so many advantages over a Genealogy (Register) Report. Nowadays I only run Genealogy (Register) Reports for a generation or two now for my own benefit to look at info - otherwise, I just refer to, and refer others to, my WorldConnect page.

Re: FTM 2012 Genealogy Reports

Posted: 15 Feb 2013 7:07PM GMT
Classification: Query
I agree with all your complaints--I have tried and tried to do several genealogy reports and they won't complete. I wish I could revert back to 2010--I did not have problems doing reports of ANY kind, ANY length.

I have other issues with 2012, too, the most obnoxious of which is that I can't call my database up up after exporting to outside media. I had to download my ancestry tree, convert to 2006 and then access it in 2006 format.

It appears that 2012 is an attempt to box users into using the online tree--which I also use, but when you can't even move your own database to a removable media and work on it on a laptop in the library, it's ridiculous!

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