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Mary Elizabeth Hoyt's family (mother of General Sherman

Mary Elizabeth Hoyt's family (mother of General Sherman

Posted: 8 Sep 2004 3:07AM GMT
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Surnames: Hoyt, Jeffry
My GGG Grandmother, Lucinda (Jeffry) (Norris) Smith's obit stated that her Grandmother was a sister of Mary Elizabeth Hoyt (who was the mother of General Sherman) I am trying to locate information on Mary and her family. Can anyone help me with this? Does anyone have information on any siblings that Mary Elizabeth Hoyt may have had, etc? I would appreciate any help.
Nancy Mundell

Re: Mary Elizabeth Hoyt's family (mother of General Sherman

Posted: 7 Oct 2004 5:03AM GMT
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Edited: 11 Sep 2005 2:54AM GMT
Surnames: Hoyt, Sherman, Raymond
The only sibling of Mary Hoyt, mother of W.T. Sherman, which I have recorded was Charles, who supposedly had a mental affliction passed on to him by his mother, Mary Raymond. I do have the Hoyt ancestry of this line back to the immigrant, Simon Hoyt.

This should interest you - it is excerpts from a book which I recorded in my notes for Mary Hoyt:

FROM: "The White Tecumseh" by Stanley P. Hirshson

Page 2: "Then, on May 8, he [Charles Sherman - father of William] married Mary Hoyt, whom he had known in Norwalk since childhood. Mary was nine months his senior.

The Hoyts, too, were an old family, going back in America seven generations and being among the first settlers of Norwalk. During the Revolutionary War the sons of the family split their allegiance, half supporting the king and half favoring the rebels. One son, Jesse, even accompanied the British through Norwalk, pointing out the patriot homes and churches that were to be burned. After the war, he wisely migrated to Nova Scotia.

The Shermans tended to be lawyers, the Hoyts merchants. Early in life, Isaac Hoyt, Mary Sherman's father, followed the usual occupation, but severe asthma forced him to seek a cure at sea. For twenty years he was the captain of a vessel. In 1804 he died at sea and was buried at Gibralter.

For a good reason neither John Sherman nor his brother ever publicly mentioned Isaac Hoyt's wife, their maternal grandmother, Mary Raymond Hoyt. In 1928 a genealogist hired by General Sherman's son, P. Tecumseh Sherman, could find out nothing about her, noting simply that she died after 1804. A history of the Raymond family published in 1970 also recorded nothing.

Fortunately, however, a dedicated researcher, Francis F. Spies, has depositied in the Genealogy Room of the New York Public Library a typed copy of his unpublished three-volume study of tombstone inscriptions in Norwalk. It reveals that among those buried in the graveyard encircling St. Paul's Episcopal Church is Mary Raymond Hoyt, who died on October 1, 1828, at the age of seventy-three.

In later life, Mary Raymond Hoyt suffered mental incapacity. Although bured in Norwalk, she did not die there; the most educated guess is that she spent her last years in an asylum. Her exact illness will never be known, but she transmitted whatever she had to the youngest of her two sons, Charles Hoyt, a prosperous New York merchant. One of General Sherman's sons and perhaps John Sherman later seemed to have suffered from the affliction.

With each other, the Shermans several times discussed the malady. In 1860 Ellen Ewing Sherman, General Sherman's wife, mentioned Uncle Charles' stay in "the Asylum." Two years later she reminded her husband of "the melancholy and depression to which your family is subject," particularly "your Uncle and Grandmother."

I am a Hoyt descendant and have been researching the family. I have an interactive website through MSN, if you would be interested. Membership is free.

Re: Mary Elizabeth Hoyt's family (mother of General Sherman

Mary Kyritsis (View posts)
Posted: 8 Oct 2004 11:23AM GMT
Classification: Query
Thanks for this interesting piece of history. This is not my line, but I have printed up your message and slipped into my copy of HHH.

Re: Mary Elizabeth Hoyt's family (mother of General Sherman

Posted: 15 Nov 2004 2:50AM GMT
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Edited: 17 Dec 2005 3:41AM GMT
My husband is a descendant of John and Simon Hoyt. His name is Lewis R. Sutton, his mother was Helen Elizabeth Hoyt, her fater was Frank Roosevelt Hoyt, his father was Melancthon Hoyt, his father was Melancthon Hoyt and his father was Rev. Melancthon Hoyt, a minister in Dakota Territory.
I have recently update this line of the Hoyt lineage down to our children and grandchildren and all of the Hoyt cousins.
What is your line?
Would you be interested is the info I have?

Re: Mary Elizabeth Hoyt's family (mother of General Sherman

Sharon Workman (View posts)
Posted: 15 Nov 2004 1:35PM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Hoyt, Sutherland, Brown, Judd, Allis, Tuttle
Hi, Jean. Your Reverend Melancthon Hoyt, seventh generation, is in the HHH book. It says he was born Feb. 13, 1809, married Ann Eliza Tarrington. "An Episc. clergyman; grad. Yale Coll., 1830; formerly lived in Norwalk, Ct., N. Y. City, Ind., Mich., and Wis." Son of another Melancthon. I have none of them entered, so this is all new to me.

My line, going back in time:
Betsey Jane Hoyt, married Charles Sutherland. They were my great great grandparents.
Nelson Hoyt, married Pamelia Sutherland
Timothy Hoyt, married Betsey Brown (brick wall)
David Hoyt, married Rachel Judd
David Hoyt, married Rebecca Allis
Samuel Hoyt, married Hannah Tuttle
Jonathan Hoyt, married unknown
Nicholas Hoyt, married Susannah
Simon, the immigrant

Re: Mary Elizabeth Hoyt's family (mother of General Sherman

Posted: 16 Nov 2004 5:52PM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 17 Dec 2005 3:41AM GMT
Hi Sharon. It looks to me like my husband's Simon Hoyt and your's are one in the same. Simon's 4th son Benjamin born 2/2/1644, at Windsor,CT, d 1/26/1735. Married Hannah Weed 2/5/1670.
This info comes from Ann Eliza Yarrington Hoyt-wife of Rev. Melancthon Uriah Hoyt.
Lew's family is:
Lewis R. Sutton
Helen Elizabeth Hoyt
Frank Roosevelt Hoyt
Melacnthon Uriah Hoyt
Rev. Melancthon Uriah Hoyt
Melancthon Hoyt
Sergeant John Hoyt, Jr
Samuel Hoyt(Hait)
Benjamin Hoyt
Simon Hoyt
John Hoyt born and died in Dorchester, England. Married Ruth-------- born and died in England. their son Simon Hoyt arrived on Ship Abigail, Salem, Mass, 9/6/1628.
This info was compiled by Elizabeth Yarrington Russell, I think a daughter of Ann Eliza Yarrington Hoyt.

I am in the process of making a few corrections on the info I have gathered from Lew's cousins and could send it to you if you wish.

Re: Mary Elizabeth Hoyt's family (mother of General Sherman

DeEtte (View posts)
Posted: 4 Dec 2004 9:07PM GMT
Classification: Query
Hello Jean!!!
Was just reading yours & Sharon's postings. Sharon was kind enough to share her info with me, and informed me, that she and I were "cousins"!!! Just thought I would give you some of my info also. My Hoyt's go back to Simon too.
John Hoyt
Simon Hoyt
Nicholas Hoyt
David Hoyt
Jonanthan Hoyt
David Hoyt
Jonathan Hoyt
Gilbert Hoyt
Richard Edward Hoyt
John Hoyt
William "George" Hoyt---My Great-Great-Grandfather
William had only one child, a daughter, Edna Hoyt, who married William Scott. They had 8 children, one of which was my Grandmother, DeEtte May Scott.
Would love to know more about you and your Hoyt stories!!!

Re: Mary Elizabeth Hoyt's family (mother of General Sherman

Posted: 22 Nov 2005 5:19PM GMT
Classification: Query
Hello all -

I just want to clarify a common error in names....I see this everywhere and don't know how to get it corrected!
Ann Eliza was Yarrington (with a Y) not Tarrington. This may help in searching her famliy. The Yarriingtons are a very old. well known family in Long Island history.

Re: Mary Elizabeth Hoyt's family (mother of General Sherman

Posted: 19 Jan 2011 2:22AM GMT
Classification: Query
Hello, I am researching the family of Ann Eliza Yarrington who is my husband's great great grandmother. I see this is a pretty old post, but would be interesting in conversing with you if you have more information on this family. Thanks,
Barbara Burr

Re: Mary Elizabeth Hoyt's family (mother of General Sherman

Posted: 19 Jan 2011 2:24AM GMT
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Sharon, I think I may have a photo of your great great grandmother, Betsey Hoyt when she was in her 90s.
Let me know and I'll send it to you.
Barbara Burr
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