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Czech Transcription

Czech Transcription

Posted: 22 Jan 2013 12:46AM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Konecny
I have been lead to a record that may be that of one of my ancestors but can not make out some of the first names and places. Could someone please transcribe the information for the surname Konecny on the record from the following link:

Thank you,

Re: Czech Transcription

Posted: 22 Jan 2013 6:10AM GMT
Classification: Query
1794 Nov. 14 Konečzný Katharina Nied. L. 37
14.11.1794 Niederlautsch Nr. 36 Katharina
father Martin Konečzný bauer (Martin Konečný, farmer)
mother Eleonora Zadinkin

1796 Konečný Johann (Jan)
1797 Konečný Maria
etc. I´m sure you can find the rest yourself. :-)

Re: Czech Transcription -- reading given names

Posted: 23 Jan 2013 10:24PM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 23 Jan 2013 10:27PM GMT
Ok, this will be a good lesson in how to read the names. Second record on the left is Katharina. The clue is the descending letter, which is an h. And you can pick out the r i n a. About the only name that would fit is Katharina. But why isn't the first letter like the first letter of the last name, which is obviously a "K"? I don't know. I might be wrong, and it's really an "R" and the name is Rosharia or something. (Just kidding.)

Down in 1798, you have a Franciska Konecny (Czech spelling). It always throws me a little that the beginning F looks lowercase.

In 1800, that's Franz. I hope. Up on the right, 1802, that's Johann. Again, the descending letter is h. You can pick out the o, and nn at the end. oh something nn, and pretty soon you figure out that Johann is the only thing that fits. (Johann is of course German for Jan, which is John in English.) 1803, definitely a Franz. 1804, Anna.

The 1806 one is a puzzle to me. Oh, now I see. ?pollonia, and I've looked that one up before. Apollonia. 1807 is Martin. At the bottom of the page, Johann.

Aksamitnik01 was kind enough to find the actual book page. To get there yourself, you'd click on the Vyhledavani tab, select the Brno archives, change the number on the page from 10 to 25, type dolni l in the Obec box, wait a bit, and then select Dolni Loucky from the list. (BTW, Dolni means "Lower" and Loucky means meadows. It is a gorgeous village.) Narozeni means births, and you find the set of years that matches what you know. Around 1800, but Johann in the index was 1802. So it's the 15511 book. And sure enough, that's what Aksamitnik sent you.

The index had the page number, but that's another lesson in itself. I'm looking at the new link, and I cannot find Katharina on it. But I can make out the month name, and some of the names. The child's name is in the 3rd column. I think the second column is the priest's name, and possibly the midwife's name. Oops! I'm wrong. It's the village and the house number. You hover on the underlined 20 by Obce above, and the list of villages comes up. You then try to match the German spelling in the image with one of the names in parentheses.

When you see a penciled in name, you realize with amusement that even the Czechs couldn't easily read some of the writing, and wrote it in again. It does take practice and little steps to learn to read it. But you are going to be finding dozens of records, so it's worth the struggle. We all went through it. Welcome to the club!

Re: Czech Transcription -- reading given names

Posted: 26 Jan 2013 11:57PM GMT
Classification: Query
Very helpful - thank you!
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