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McCann /Folden

McCann /Folden

Posted: 26 Mar 2000 7:36PM GMT
Edited: 11 May 2002 11:08PM GMT
I'm searching for descendants or relatives of: Mollie McCann who married a ? Folden.
Mollies, parents are: John Marion McCann + Mary Lucinda Hanks [2nd m. for Mary Lucinda Hanks is James H. Warf]

siblings are :

Julia McCann + Rev. Gideon Sisk [2nd m. for Julia is ? Whickham]

'Betty' Rebecca Jane Elizabeth McCann + John Harrison Harmon

Thomas Wintford McCann + Emma Dera Cunningham

Any help would be appriciated.
Kevin McCann


Shirley DeCarli (View posts)
Posted: 18 Jul 2000 8:18AM GMT
Do you know where McCann and Folden are from? Email:

McCann / Folden

Posted: 19 Jul 2000 6:48AM GMT
Edited: 11 May 2002 11:08PM GMT
G'day Shirley,
Since I posted my message. I have discovered Mollie was a Mary Frances 'Mollie'
McCann and married a William H. Folden. I believe that 'Mollie' was born in or around Pocahontas WV. and possibly lived and married there.
Hope that we have a connection.
Regards Kevin McCann.


Shirley DeCarli (View posts)
Posted: 19 Jul 2000 10:29PM GMT
My gfather, Roy D Folden was born in Virginia and some of the family have him recorded as Charles Riley Folden. I went to Ohio to check his marriage record and death records and they have him listed as Roy D Folden. So I'm at a standstill as to what his real name is.

Folden history

William Folden (View posts)
Posted: 11 Mar 2001 9:28PM GMT
Hello to all...I am delving into my family history for the first time. 3 of my four grandparents' surnames have been easty to trace back, as I have many relations within each, and 2 are especially common in SC where I live (Wofford and Beckham). However, my father's father died when I was young, and I have no connections beyond my father on that side of the family now. Can you tell me a little about the Folden name, especially the country of origin? Thanks for anything you can tell me.

William Folden

Folden name origin

Skip Folden (View posts)
Posted: 7 May 2001 7:49PM GMT
William, there was (may still be) a very old community called "Folden" high up near the North West coast of Norway. Also, about 1,000 years ago the Oslo Fjord was called "Folden" or "Folden Fjord" I've seen that in an old Norwegian History. Also, when I was in Norway, my name was taken as very Norwegian. I expect they descended from up there. I have a geneology book which admits it's a difficult name to trace, but most probably German or Dutch, and the name takes a variety of forms.

Well, in Norway it had one form, "Folden." And I expect the Norway connection pre-dates later Southern migrations. Just an opinion.

Norman Folden (nick name = skip)


William Folden (View posts)
Posted: 9 May 2001 7:22PM GMT
Thanks much for your help, I had almost given up. :-) The Dutch/Norweigan angle puts an interesting twist on tracing that branch, and I am glad to know of it. Thanks again, and any further information is always appreciated.



Skip (View posts)
Posted: 9 May 2001 11:30PM GMT
My Pleasure, Will.

Re: Folden name origin

Posted: 14 Mar 2002 6:53AM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Folden
Just read messages posted by Skip Folden back in 5/01 while trying to start a trace on my family genealogy, my dad, Norman Clark(Casey) Folden b.3/21/13 d.11/5/70. Glad to know you are out there Skip, good information being researched. Please reach our family, it has been eons, would be miraculous to make the connection.

Kelly Folden-Christensen
Mother: Piilani
daughters of Casey: Kelly, Shannon
sons of Casey: Sean, Timothy

Re: Folden name origin

Barbara L Scott-Preston (View posts)
Posted: 4 Jul 2004 12:13AM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Folden, James, Larrick, Scott
Hope all of you check back to see if any messages have appeared. After reading about your research of the origin of the Folden name, I have become a bit confused. My Mom told us that her Mom told her that our Folden ancestors came from Wales. Our side goes back to Jesse Y Folden and from what I have been told is that Jesse's father was James Folden; I don't have any information beyond that. Am still having much difficulty finding any more information concerning our maternal grandfather, Charles Riley Folden, who apparently had a few different first names such as RD, Roy D and Frank. Hmmmmmmmm! The mystery continues.

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