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Jonathan Jadwin (Jadwyn, Jedwen), Westmoreland Co., VA, 1658 (?)

Jonathan Jadwin (Jadwyn, Jedwen), Westmoreland Co., VA, 1658 (?)

Posted: 7 Jan 2001 10:09AM GMT
Edited: 19 Dec 2002 3:50AM GMT
Here is a citation I came across a while ago that may be of interest. We have found very few references to Jonathan.

A Jonathan Jedwen acts as witness to the sale of land in Westmoreland Co., VA. To wit:
"May 1656 (sic). Ger. Dodson attorney of Mr. Wm. Botham do authorize my lo: freinds Mr John Dodman or Mr. Wm Webb my attorneys to acknowledge the sale of land which I assigned over toRichard Heabeard with the pattent. Signed: Ger. (Gervess) Dodson; Witness: Jonathan Jedwen. Source: "Westmoreland Co., VA Records, 1658-1661," compiled by John Frederick Dorman. (Note: The date must be off as the Jadwins did not arrive in the Virginia colony until 1658. Records indicate this was one of a series of transaction that took place in 1658. In any case, this variant of the name should be pursued.)

Re: Jonathan Jadwin (Jadwyn, Jedwen), Westmoreland Co., VA, 1658 (?)

Posted: 27 Jun 2001 8:19AM GMT
Classification: Immigration
Edited: 12 Feb 2004 11:43PM GMT
Surnames: Jadwin, Jadwyn
The Jadwins were in Virginia before 1658, certainly by 25 Sep 1651 when Robert Jadwyn, "now of Virginia", sent a letter to the Cutlers Company of London peticoninge for and desiringe thereby certen knyves that the Mr & Wardens had seized being bad and deceiptful wares'. The Court ordered 'that all the knyves soe seized as bad wares should be sent him wch then was delivered to his brother in law Mr. Smith a silke dyer to be sent unto him.'." This appears in the Cutlers Company Guild records.

Re: Jonathan Jadwin (Jadwyn, Jedwen), Westmoreland Co., VA, 1658 (?)

sylvie jadouin (View posts)
Posted: 17 Feb 2005 6:38PM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: sylvie jadouin
you know before the name (jadwin) have origin french?
in french your name to spell jadouin.
to answer , think in advance

Re: Jadwin - early records

Regina (View posts)
Posted: 18 Feb 2005 11:27AM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Jadwyn, Jadwin, Axxowell
Hi -

The first record I have of the name Jadwin is a pedigree given to the College of Heralds in 1634. Robert Jadwyn stated that his father was Thomas Jadwyn and his grandfather was William Jadwyn of 'Barwick'.

Thomas Jadwyn of London took an apprentice in the Cutlers Company in 1585 - Rbt Axxowell sonne of henrie Axxowell to Thomas Jaddwyn of London May 1585.

Before that, I don't know anything about the family. At least that early, they're still in England.

Re: Jonathan Jadwin (Jadwyn, Jedwen), Westmoreland Co., VA, 1658 (?)

Posted: 21 Apr 2007 2:02PM GMT
Classification: Query
I have an almost complete record of the Jadwins(Jadwyns) and attended one of the Cutler Meeting in London. My mother was a Jadwin--Daughter of Francis,son of Thomas, son of Thomas, son of Bartholomew,son of Bartholomew, son of Jerimiah, son of Bartholomew son of John(1630-1706),Son of Robert, Son Of Thomas, son of William

How can I help?

Richard Bartholomew

Re: Jonathan Jadwin (Jadwyn, Jedwen), Westmoreland Co., VA, 1658 (?)

Posted: 22 Apr 2007 10:53AM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Jadwin, Critcher
I'm sure at least Robert Jadwin was here by 1651 becaue he wrote to the Cutlers Company to get goods sent to him.... I'm working on identifying this Robert - he's not the one who 1674 (father of Jane and Sisley) .. is he the brother of Jane and Sisley?

I'm wokring on identifying this Robert Jadwin - is he the brother of Sisley and Jane, and son of Robert d 1674? Or a more distant relative - perhaps through Johnathan?

VA, Westmoreland Co. Court Orders 1690-98, FHL Film 0034291.
"Pg 60a - at court for 25th may 1692

The last will and testament of Robert Jadwin was produced in court by the oaths of George Alford and Richrd Carwell (two of the witnesses thereto subscribed) and a probate thereof granted to John Critcher executor therein named and is ordered to be recorded and Mr Jeremiah Jadwin together with the sd Critcher assume to indempnifie the court . ordered he enter into bond accordingly and for performance of the will

Re: Jonathan Jadwin (Jadwyn, Jedwen), Westmoreland Co., VA, 1658 (?)

Posted: 20 Jan 2008 2:51AM GMT
Classification: Query
Going back in your line to Jeremiah, it appears that he had two sons, (1)Bartholomew, your ancestor, whose line I think went to western Maryland after the Revolutionary War, and (2) Jeremiah, brother to Bartholomew.

Do you have any information relating to Jeremiah and his descendants?

Regards, Bob Ballantyne

Re: Jonathan Jadwin (Jadwyn, Jedwen), Westmoreland Co., VA, 1658 (?)

Posted: 20 Jan 2008 5:22PM GMT
Classification: Query

The first Jeremiah Jadwin ws the son of Robert who brought with him the family in 1658 and he is listed on the Passenger list-( some say the Jadwins came over in 1651 in the reference to the Cutlers---I have the book given to me by the Cutlers and the Knives involved in the dispute was sent to them in Jedburgh Scotland in 1651)-- -he served on the bench with Geo. washingtons grandfather and never marrried nor left children.He left his estate to Bartholomew Jadwin son of John. Bartholomew had one son which is the second by the name of Jeremiah born 1683 and died 1727 and married Isabel Harrison.Jeremiahs children were Bartholomew, Jeremiah and Ann. I believe this Jeremiah or the third by this name (1705--1773)had a son who moved to Tennessee by the name of Jeremiah--I will check my sources and see if I can make the right determination. Jeremiah (1705--1773) records indicate he had his brother Bartholomew sell some land at his death in Queen Annes County Maryland. Yes my Bartholomew moved to Allegany county Maryland and then his sons Thomas and Dickenson move to Ohio hope this is of some help--Stay in tough---Richard Bartholomew Bradford--wonder where the middle name came from

Re: Jonathan Jadwin (Jadwyn, Jedwen), Westmoreland Co., VA, 1658 (?)

Posted: 21 Jan 2008 3:25AM GMT
Classification: Query
Thanks a million for your reply. I am less active as a researcher than I used to be. My Jadwin connection is through the Jeremiah who appears after the Revolutionary War in NC, gets a land grant in TN for his service in the NC Militia and whose descendants went on to Missouri in the 1840's. I keep trying to fill in the gaps for this Jeremiah covering his movements from Maryland to NC.

There was a Jeremiah Jadwin who married Rachel
Davis, 1749 in Queen Anne's county, MD, who is a descendant of the John Jadwin (Quaker), son of Robert, the immigrant. I think this Jeremiah and Rachel Jadwin may have been the parents of a Jeremiah and David Jadwin who are listed in Chester Hundred, Queen Anne's County, MD, Military Census of 1778 as being of military age.

These two boys, Jeremiah and David, would have been very young men in Maryland, probably not married and owning no property, thereby leaving no paper trail except for the listing in the military census.

One family tradition among the Pennsylvania Jadwins is that two cousins went off to war and were never heard from again.

The late Howard Jadwin (of the Missouri branch) published his work on this family about 40 years ago and Regina Barry has some excellent material available on her web site.

But to date, no one has been able to cover the jump from MD to NC.

Best regards and congratulations on your work. That part about Jedburgh, Scotland, was new to me, and is very interesting. I had read someplace that the family moved several times to avoid religious persecution, being Church of England (except for Quaker John.

PS: For Regina Barry's web site try:

And scroll down to the "English and Virginia Families".

Re: Jonathan Jadwin (Jadwyn, Jedwen), Westmoreland Co., VA, 1658 (?)

Posted: 21 Jan 2008 2:07PM GMT
Classification: Query
The information I have is Jeremiah Jadwin Born 1730 son of Jeremiah & Elizabeth Gott married Rachael Davis 0n 29 June 1749 in Centerville Maryland, Queen Annes county and had two children Jeremiah and David.This probably matches up with your data!

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