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Posted: 10 Jun 2003 4:29PM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 21 Jun 2003 6:09PM GMT
My name is Andrew H. YOUNG and I have started a Surname Project for males with the surname YOUNG (all spellings). The Y chromosome is passed through the generations unchanged from father to son. You and/or other males within your family with the surname YOUNG can benefit greatly from participation in this project.
LADIES, encourage male YOUNGs in your family to join this project and your family is involved and will benefit from the genealogical information and relationships discovered. Family Tree DNA is offering the test to us at a group rate discount.

Reasons to participate and benefit through participation in the YOUNG DNA Project include these opportunities.

1. You identify the genetic profile of your male family line.
2. You may identify your roots when traditional documentary genealogical research methods have failed.
3. Your results may identify information offering clues of where to focus and pursue additional traditional documentary genealogical research.
4. You may be able to verify once and for all that your traditional documentary genealogical work is accurate and scientifically verified.
5. You may get clues or help others get clues as to the village of origin in Europe of their immigrant ancestor.
6. If you live in Europe with a similar surname to one of our current participants you may find descendants and cousins living in the USA you did not know you had.
7. Your DNA will be preserved for the future at no additional cost. Thus, you leave something for posterity for use by future members of your family. This is especially important for older members of a family, particularly if that older person is the last surviving male member of the family. Note: if that elderly person cannot afford the test another family member can sponsor and pay for the test.
8. You may identify new genetic cousins you did not know you had.
9. You may increase awareness of family medical histories that can benefit you and your descendants.
10. You will be joining the ranks of the select few early Genetics and Genealogy Pioneers and will have the satisfaction of knowing that you are an early participant in a state-of-the-art project which is contributing to the world knowledge base for this new and exciting field, genealogy by genetics.

This systematic, proven method of determining paternal relations can be very cost effective in proving genealogical relationships from the distant past and leapfrog you back to a wealth of substantiated data.
I encourage you and/or male YOUNGS in your family to participate in and benefit from this opportunity to learn more about our ancestors.
For more insight into the DNA project you may go to this site:
An excellent article for a basic understanding of DNA and its relation to genealogical research is found at this site: (NOTE: Please note the copyright limitations on this free informative article by Charles Kerchner.)
DISCLAIMER: I will receive NO benefits other than those received by other participants.
I am looking forward to hearing from males and females with the surname YOUNG.
Thank you, Andrew H. YOUNG e-mail:

Re: YOUNG DNA Project

Posted: 15 Jun 2003 8:01AM GMT
Classification: Query
The only Youngs in my family were do to my fathers mother.
Her name was Florence Matilda Young. I really don't know
of anyone else off hand in the family carrying the Young name to participate in the the DNA Project. I will look into it though.
I think it's a wonderful thing.

Re: YOUNG DNA Project

George Young (View posts)
Posted: 23 Apr 2005 4:16PM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Young, Younge
Hi Andy Young and myself are the co-cordinators of Young Surname DNA study. We have had several breakthroughs on families connecting via this new tool for geneaologist.
ANTHROGENEALOGY: an·thro·ge·ne·al·o·gy
1 : the science of genealogy by genetics; especially : utilizing molecular biology to trace a lineage beyond the limits of historical records.

Check out our web site, ask questions of Andy( or myself (, we would love to have you join our group


Re: YOUNG DNA Project

Norman B. Ford (View posts)
Posted: 24 Apr 2005 3:03AM GMT
Classification: Query
gg-grandmother , Margaret Young, born of William and Margaret Dunsmuir of Glasgow Area. Last I heard, my DNA could not be traced. Let me know if things have changed. Thanks, Norm

Re: YOUNG DNA Project

George Young (View posts)
Posted: 24 Apr 2005 3:28AM GMT
Classification: Query
only a unbroken male line can be tested, father to son etc

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