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Laster Family

Laster Family

Penny Laster Amadio (View posts)
Posted: 8 Jun 2000 1:05AM GMT
Jesse and Sophia Laster were married July 17th, 1911. They had 5 children, Alvin Laster, Clarence Laster, Pauline Laster, Donald Laster And August Laster I know that all 5 children half pasted. Looking for any of the grandchildren Roger Laster,Fred Laster, Vickie Laster, Kathy Laster, Randy Laster, or Dewayne Laster,
Great grandchildren, or great-great grandchildren. As they are relatives of mine.
Posted: 3 Aug 2000 9:13AM GMT
Edited: 30 Jun 2005 7:38PM GMT
Just wondering because my Laster's as far as I have detected, came from Franklin County, Tennessee and migrated to Marshall, Texas. Frank Laster was born in 1825 aand married Mahaley Callaway who was bornin 1855.

Laster Family

Penny (View posts)
Posted: 4 Aug 2000 6:43AM GMT
I know very little about my family they lived in Kansas. Great Grandpa name was Jesse Laster I dont know what eather one of his parents names were or where they were from. I don't know his date of birth. All I do know is he married my Great Grandma Sophia Lombard on July 17, 1911. And that they had 5 children. He left my grandmother and the kids. Went to work one day and never came home. As to where he went is unknown to anyone in family. Sophia past away on September 18, 1990. She had still been living in Kansas at that time. She I know was born in Wisconsin and moved to Mclouth, Ks in the early 1900's. If you know anything
about any of these people you can e-mail me at Thank you, Penny


Posted: 7 Sep 2000 2:32PM GMT
Edited: 20 Oct 2006 11:25PM GMT
I am descended from African American Lasters from Franklin county, Tennessee. My g.g.g. grandfather was named George Laster and was born in the 1830's or 40's. When did Frank migrate to Texas. I wish there were some records so if they were brothers or some kin they could be linked together.

Laster's in Tennessee

Posted: 7 Sep 2000 3:15PM GMT
Edited: 30 Jun 2005 7:38PM GMT
Hello and thanks for responding. Well, it seems tome, that its very likely, that your George and my Frank, could have very well been brothers. I say that because on the 1880 census of Marshall, Texas, also known as Harrison County, one of Frank's sons is named George. The others are named: Booly, Frank, Jr. and Hamilton. My father and oldest brother are named Willard George James Laster. If you are in Franklin County or if you can, try to find some death certificates because on there you will find more information. You can email me at: Later Cuzz

George Laster

Posted: 8 Sep 2000 7:04AM GMT
Edited: 20 Oct 2006 11:25PM GMT
Hi Dale!
I agree that they could have been brothers. From what I see in the Tennessee censuses for Franklin county, there were not that many African American Lasters there so they could have been related. George was married to Phillis and they had the following children: Dilla, Mary, Effie Allas, Issac, Lena, Benjamin, Hugh, James, and Frank. He was born about 1840 and died between 1900 and 1910. I live in Chicago, but I will try to research if I can find some info on him or a death certificate.

African American Laster's

Posted: 8 Sep 2000 7:37AM GMT
Edited: 30 Jun 2005 7:38PM GMT
Wow! This sounds like we're getting close. I think Im going to the library and see what I can find in Franklin County. Here's the information concerning my family from the 1880 Census-Harrsion County, Texas. Frank 55,born in Tn, father born in Tn, mother born in La. Mahaley 34,born in Ga. Callie 18, born in Texas,Milly 15, George 10, Frank 9, Booly 6, and Hamilton 1.
Posted: 8 Sep 2000 7:41AM GMT
Edited: 30 Jun 2005 7:38PM GMT
Oh, I forgot to mention, that I was just in Chicago for 12 day's visiting relatives in Maywood. Had a great time.


Posted: 8 Sep 2000 8:18AM GMT
Edited: 20 Oct 2006 11:25PM GMT
I think i might go there as well. I am leaving for Tennessee this weekend and may stop in Franklin County on my way back to Chicago.
Posted: 8 Sep 2000 9:38AM GMT
Edited: 30 Jun 2005 7:38PM GMT
Great, let me know if you discover any new information. I've communicated numerous times with white Laster's and discovered that most of them appear to be in denial. Some of my Laster's had children by white men and I beleive, many of them after slavery, passed as white's. Also, some of my Laster line, settled in Oklahoma and I think, according to what I've been told, there is Indian blood also in our family. My grandfather, when I was a child, would always vist Oklahoma to visit relatives. I'm a baptist preacher and two years ago in Oklahoma City, I met a black man who was a Laster. Unfortunately, he was mentally challenged and could not convey much information. I was told ny a friend, that there was a community outside of this city with a host of Laster's. Oh well, have a pleasant trip and I look forward to hearing from you real soon.
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