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Stackhouse in St Joseph, MO

Stackhouse in St Joseph, MO

Posted: 18 Apr 2000 9:33PM GMT
Edited: 30 Jul 2001 12:04AM GMT
G grandmother Cora May Stackhouse, born Aug 1880, was born in Gilford, MO. She had 5 brothers and sisters. Mary, John Owen, Alfred, Rena, and Elva. Most stayed in the St Joseph, Mo area. Her mothers name was Jenny McMackin. Do not know the fathers name.
Any family LOVE to hear from you.

Stackhouse in St Joseph, MO.

Dorothy J. McMackin (View posts)
Posted: 20 Apr 2000 11:07AM GMT
Martha Jane (Jennie)McMackin. born 5 Feb. 1863, Andrew Co. MO. She married Amos O. Stackhouse abt 1881.I have more, including some census records, need an email address for Marilyn of Missouri.
Dorothy J.McMackin.

Posted: 20 Apr 2000 12:16PM GMT
Edited: 30 Jul 2001 12:04AM GMT
My address is Thank you for that much and I would appreciate any thing else I can get.
LOVE to hear from you!!


Brenda Winslow (View posts)
Posted: 12 Jul 2000 1:27PM GMT
I am trying to trace Frank Stackhouse, b. 29 Apr.,1868, d. 1 July, 1898. Was married to Sabra Jane Johnson, b. 27 June 1866, d. 23 Sept. 1942. She had remarried Al Sutton. Frank Sabra had one daughter, my GGrandmother, Viola May Stackhouse. They were from Ohio moved to Missouri, DeKalb Co. I believe Albert was Franks brother or cousin. I am stuck would appreciate all the help I can get. Thanks in advance, would love hearing from some CUZZINS. Brenda Winslow

Stackhouse of Missouri

Posted: 17 Jul 2000 8:38PM GMT
Edited: 30 Jul 2001 12:04AM GMT
This is all I know about the Stackhouse family. If you can tie us together, it would make me very happy!
Respond to me at
Looking forward to hearing from you.

Generation No. 1

1. AMOS OWEN1 STACKHOUSE1 was born 1857 in Indiana1, and died Unknown1. He married MARTHA
JANE MCMACKIN2,3 Abt. 1880 in Savannah, Andrew County, MO3, daughter of RUFUS MCMACKIN and
JEMINA LAMASTER. She was born February 05, 1863 in Andrew Co. MO3, and died Aft. 1945 in St.
Joseph, MO3.

2. i. CORA MAY2 STACKHOUSE, b. August 19, 1880, Gilford, MO; d. April 24, 1968, St. Joseph, MO.
ii. JOHN OWEN STACKHOUSE3, b. October 04, 18903; d. March 1965, St. Joseph, Mo3; m. AGNES
RUTH3, September 15, 19193; b. June 11, 1902, Beatrice, NE4,5; d. January 13, 1993, St Joseph,
3. iii. RENA STACKHOUSE, b. June 13, 1897; d. February 16, 1972, St. Joseph, Missouri.
4. iv. ALVA ALFRED STACKHOUSE, b. Unknown; d. Unknown.
5. v. MARY STACKHOUSE, b. Unknown; d. Unknown.
vi. ELVA STACKHOUSE7, b. Unknown7; d. Unknown, Arkansaw, Ks7.
vii. CHARLES STACKHOUSE7, b. 18987.

Generation No. 2

2. CORA MAY2 STACKHOUSE (AMOS OWEN1)7 was born August 19, 1880 in Gilford, MO7, and died April
24, 1968 in St. Joseph, MO7. She married (1) WILLIAM WITHROW7. He was born Unknown7, and died
Unknown7. She married (2) DAVID NICHOLS7. He was born Unknown7, and died 19277.


When they divorced we do not know what happened to Ed, we are not even for sure what his name is.
If it is Ed or

i. CLAUDE MONROE3 WITHROW7, b. March 02, 1900, Blue Springs, Nebraska8,9; d. September 06,
1968, St. Joseph, MO10,11; m. AUGUSTA DOROTHY RUTH11, September 16, 1920, Savannah,
Andrew County, MO11; b. November 21, 1896, Chicago, IL12,13; d. January 30, 1974, St. Joseph,

ii. HELEN RETTIE3 NICHOLS15, b. March 02, 191716,17; d. June 1986, St. Joseph, MO17; m. GEORGE
HESS17, May 21, 1938, St. Joseph, MO17; b. December 20, 1912, Andrew Co. Mo17; d. January
1998, St. Joseph, MO17.
iii. DOROTHY B. NICHOLS17, b. October 19, 192117; d. July 26, 1995, St. Joseph,17; m. ALFRED J.
ROYCE17; b. August 12, 190318,19; d. July 26, 1988, St. Joseph, Mo20,21.
iv. ALICE NICHOLS21, b. April 15, 192322,23; d. March 04, 1993, St. Joseph, MO23; m. ELLIS
CONZ23; b. Unknown23; d. Unknown23.
v. GRANT DAVID NICHOLS23, b. Unknown23; d. Unknown23.
vi. RACHEL NICHOLS23, b. Unknown23; d. Unknown23; m. ADAM SCHOENBORN23; b. Unknown23; d.

3. RENA2 STACKHOUSE (AMOS OWEN1)23 was born June 13, 189724,25, and died February 16, 1972 in St.
Joseph, Missouri25. She married JOHN RUTH25. He was born March 03, 1889 in Chicago, IL26,27, and
died July 1983 in St. Joseph, MO27.

i. ALICE3 RUTH27, b. Unknown, St. Joseph, MO27; d. Unknown27; m. (1) LOUIS BUSHYAGER27; b.
Unknown27; m. (2) MERLE ROUSEY27; b. Unknown27; d. Unknown27.

4. ALVA ALFRED2 STACKHOUSE (AMOS OWEN1)27 was born Unknown27, and died Unknown27.

i. JOHNNY3 STACKHOUSE27, b. Unknown27.
ii. HELLEN STACKHOUSE27, b. Unknown27.
iii. LOUISE STACKHOUSE27, b. Unknown27.

5. MARY2 STACKHOUSE (AMOS OWEN1)27 was born Unknown27, and died Unknown27. She married ?
HOLLIS27. He was born Unknown27, and died Unknown27.

Children of MARY STACKHOUSE and ? HOLLIS are:
i. DEWEY3 HOLLIS27, b. Unknown27.
ii. ROY HOLLIS27, b. Unknown27.

Stackhouse of Missouri

Brenda Winslow (View posts)
Posted: 18 Jul 2000 9:10PM GMT
Marilyn, None of this sounds familiar at all to me. The only ones I even know of are my GGrandmother, Viola Mae, her father Frank. I will need to try to find out a little more I think. Thank You, Brenda

Stackhouse in Missouri

Posted: 19 Jul 2000 6:05PM GMT
Edited: 30 Jul 2001 12:04AM GMT
Dekalb county is VERY (beside each other) close to Andrew County where my Stackhouse lived. The time period is very close, they could be related.
Please send me some of your family tree, maybe we can get them joined.

Re: Stackhouse in St Joseph, MO

Posted: 6 Feb 2006 9:22AM GMT
Classification: Query
I think you are my Stackhouse line. Can't be sure but I remember my father speaking of uncle Alfred & aunt Elva. My father lived between St. Joe & Weatherby, Mo. through his childhood. I will give you what little I have if you'd like.

Brenda in Mo.

Re: Stackhouse in St Joseph, MO.

Posted: 6 Feb 2006 9:26AM GMT
Classification: Query
I believe I am in this Stackhouse line. I would love any info you have on them & others, if you have it. My email is
Brenda in Mo.


Posted: 19 Mar 2012 6:28AM GMT
Classification: Query
Hi Brenda,

My name is Corrine Collins. My maiden name was Teeter. I've just started doing my family geneology and came across the name Viola May Stackhouse. I haven't been able to locate any information about her, except from your posts. I know you inquired about her family in 2000. Did you have any luck gathering more information about her or her family?
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