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Boston Arrival 1902-Irish Free State

Boston Arrival 1902-Irish Free State

Posted: 18 Jan 2013 3:57AM GMT
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Surnames: Neary
Hello Everyone,
First may I say how much fun I am having rsearching my family roots Thank you for any assitance you may be able to provide.
I currently have hit a roadblock ,I have traced back to my Great-Grand Mother Marie Neary ,she was born in Ireland in the year 1885 and immagrated to the U.S in 1902,She resided in Brookline Mass and was married at age 21 to Thomas Neary, They in turn had 2 daughters Mary and Margaret. I would like to find her parents or his parents. If there is a passenger list for any ships that arrived in Boston in 1902 that I can research it would be helpful.also I do not have her Maiden name ,I have checked census records but they don't list maiden names.only that she was born in Irish Free State as were her parents . Her husband Thomas's parents were also listed as being born in Irish freestate.
This is all the information I have at the moment. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated . Thank you

Re: Boston Arrival 1902-Irish Free State

Posted: 30 Jan 2013 9:24PM GMT
Classification: Query
If you know exactly where Marie and Thomas were married, I would start with trying to get a copy of their marriage certificate from that county, as very often the full names of the bride and grooms parents are included on the certificate. (I'm assuming you don't have that yet, as you say you don't know her maiden name.) Immigration records are frustrating- it's like looking for a needle in a haystack - so I've found it more fruitful to start with marriage and death certificates. I have managed to find quite a bit using both civil marriage registrations and catholic church records. Sometimes a death record will also list the parents as well.

Re: Boston Arrival 1902-Irish Free State

Posted: 8 Feb 2013 9:54AM GMT
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Edited: 8 Feb 2013 9:55AM GMT
Surnames: Neary
There is a Maria Neary, who left Queenstown, Ireland on 24 April 1901, going to Boston on the SAXONIA. She is 17, and Single. I have attached these details. Hope you can read it.

P.S. Maybe you could trace this ship at the Boston end.
It might have more details of her than there is here.

Re: Boston Arrival 1902-Irish Free State

Posted: 9 Feb 2013 8:07AM GMT
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According to Billy’s information, Maria didn’t marry till around 1906, in the US. Consequently when she travelled from Ireland to the US in 1902, she must have been single, and so would not have been named Neary. Therefore she’s unlikely to be the Saxonia passenger.

Re: Boston Arrival 1902-Irish Free State

Posted: 9 Feb 2013 2:32PM GMT
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Edited: 9 Feb 2013 2:35PM GMT
I find the family in the 1930 census, living in Brookline, Mass.

Thomas Neary, head, born 1872 Mass.
Mary A Neary, wife, 1885, Ireland
Margert, daughter, 1915 Mass.
Mary A, daughter, 1909 Mass.

Searching for births of the daughters I find:

Mary Agnes Narey, born Boston, Mass. 24 Mar 1909
daughter of Thomas J Narey and Maria Tiernan

Margaret Narey, born Boston, Mass. 05 Feb 1915
daughter of Thomas J Narey and Maria Tiernen

and a son:
Thomas Joseph Narey, born Boston, Mass. 29 Dec 1906
died Boston, Mass. 02 Mar 1909
son of Thomas J Narey and Marie A Tiernan

So it looks like this is the right family....

Marriage Narey X Tiernan:

Thomas J Narey, age 34
birth year 1872
son of James Narey and Anna Burns

Married Boston, Suffolk, Mass. 12 Aug 1906 to:

Marie Tiernan, age 25
birth year 1881
daughter of John Tiernan and Mary

The age of Mary is a bit off, but that is not that unusual.

Looking for a passenger record of a Mary Tiernan around 1902 I find:

Ship Campania, dep. Queenstown, arr. Ellis Island 17 May 1902
Mary Tiernan, age 17, born 1885
Last residence Ballinamore GB (actually Ballinamore is situated in Ireland, abt. 18 kilometers from the border with Northern Ireland)

There are more details on the pass. list.


Kind regards,

Re: Boston Arrival 1902-Irish Free State

Posted: 10 Feb 2013 5:48PM GMT
Classification: Query
Wow, Marianne! Thanks so much, I also think this is the correct Family, I am assuming from reading a few things that spelling of names changed often when folks immigrated to America,

Thanks everyone for helping me trace my roots, it is fascinating,I also find it challenging to see just how far I can go back , and continue to try to keep going further and further.

Re: Boston Arrival 1902-Irish Free State

Posted: 11 Feb 2013 8:50AM GMT
Classification: Query
To support the above, in the 1940 census I find:

Thomas J Neary, aged 67, married
Born Mass.
Residence in 1935; Brookline, Mass.
Registered as living on Ward 2, Worcester, Worcester City, Worcester, Massachusetts

Marie Neary, aged 62 (again the age is a bit off), married
Born Erie (Eire or Erin = Ireland)
Residence in 1935; Brookline, Mass
Registered as living in Brookline, Mass.

So although Marie is married, her husband is not living in the same household, therefore she is head.

And now the beautiful part:

Living with her in the same household is:
Frank Tiernan, aged 56, widowed
Brother of Marie
Born Erie (Eire / Erin)

Kind regards,

Re: Boston Arrival 1902-Irish Free State

Posted: 11 Feb 2013 3:51PM GMT
Classification: Query
Here's a possible family in the 1901 Irish census. No sign of Marie who may have been working away from home but the other information broadly fits:

Re: Boston Arrival 1902-Irish Free State

Posted: 11 Feb 2013 4:52PM GMT
Classification: Query
Thanks Marianne!
What is most interesting about your find is Thomas listed as "Patient" i spoke with an aunt who vaguely rembers something about Thomas falling hitting his head and having mentally incapacitated, which if it is true and this refers to such an occurance ,would explain why he wasn't living at home, I wonder if what is listed as Ward 2 Worcester,is actually a hospital he was in . Also your information regarding Frank as her brother also seems to coincide with the post above this one

Re: Boston Arrival 1902-Irish Free State

Posted: 11 Feb 2013 6:04PM GMT
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Thank you elwyn, does seem to match, thank you very much .
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