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Longstraw Cemetery

Longstraw Cemetery

Posted: 17 Sep 2010 1:51AM GMT
Classification: Query
There is a not in a book of the McLeroy & Green family of Lincoln Parrish that says that graves had to be relocated from the old Longstraw cemetery to the present Longstraw cemetery, because the old one was now under water.

Does anyone have any info on this?
What caused the old one to be under water?
And about what year did this grave relocation happen?


Re: Longstraw Cemetery

Posted: 18 Sep 2010 8:09PM GMT
Classification: Query
Several generations of my family are buried in Longstraw Cemetery, so I was curious when I saw this question. I asked my parents and they've never heard of a relocation. My mother contacted her cousin who is in his 90s, and he hadn't heard of it. She is trying to get in touch with a friend of hers who used to oversee the cemetery - will let you know if she has any information about this.

My great-grandmother is one of the people buried there and she died in 1918 and was not moved, so if there was a relocation, it may have been before then.

They said that some migratory railroad workers died of some kind of epidemic and were buried in an unmarked grave(s)on the east side of the cemetery, but these graves are now outside of the cemetery as the fence was moved at some point, I gather due to road widening. Maybe this has something to do with relocating some graves, although there is no body of water involved.

Re: Longstraw Cemetery

Posted: 19 Sep 2010 6:24PM GMT
Classification: Query
Thanks for asking your relatives about this.
I have family buried there also.

I have not been to the cemetery. But I have looked at maps of the area and I do not see any body of water that would interfere with the cemetery location.
Unless it was a small creek close by that caused some of the graves to be under water, then I have no idea why it was thought the cemetery became under water.

One particular grave that was mentioned was Jessie Bryant Green. The info said that his grave was not moved when some of the others were (due to water).
He died in 1952, so if there is any credence to this info, then the relocation of some of the graves would have to be after 1952.

Other than the statement mentioned in the book of the McLeroy family history (McLeroy family married into the Green family), I have been unable to find any mention of graves having to be relocated in this cemetery.

Most likely this was one of those family recollections that was in error, as many family recollections seem to get facts mixed up at times.

So, thanks again for taking the time to ask about this and post a response.
Greatly appreciated.

Re: Longstraw Cemetery

Posted: 19 Sep 2010 9:58PM GMT
Classification: Query
More than likely, someone could have been buried in a cemetery that was flooded when Caney Lake was created. Some graves could have beeen moved to Longstraw Cemetery. Longstraw Cemetery is a very old cemetery located on high ground. I can't imagine where any part of it could have flooded. It is also located right next to the church that has been there for many years.

Hope this helps.

Re: Longstraw Cemetery

Posted: 7 Nov 2012 10:43PM GMT
Classification: Query
TO: cottentail2001,
If you have family, last name Green, buried at the old Longstraw cemetery, we may be distant relatives. My great-great grandmother's name was Elizabeth Green(married to John S. Capps) and I believe she was buried at that cemetery. Her death record says she died in Longstraw, LA in 1894. My great-great-great grandmother's name was Trimentine Strickland Capps (also died in 1894) and her death records say she was buried in the Longstraw cemetary as well. If you find out anything more about the relocation of that cemetery, please forward that information to me - Thanks, Denise

Re: Longstraw Cemetery

Posted: 8 Nov 2012 9:18AM GMT
Classification: Query
Yep, we're related.

My line is through her brother, John Robert Green.

So far I have been unable to acquire any more information on the location of the cemetery where graves were relocated from.

It is possible that the cemetery where some were buried and had to be relocated was not named Longstraw Cemetery, but could be an old cemetery of another name where graves had to be relocated to Longstraw cemetery due to becoming under water.

I'm just not sure at this point.

Re: Longstraw Cemetery

Posted: 9 Nov 2012 12:49AM GMT
Classification: Query
Oh my goodness! Well, the information I have from says that Trimentine Strickland was buried in the Longstraw Cemetery in 1894, but Elizabeth Green's information just says that she died in 1894 at Longstraw, Jackson, Louisiana, so you could be right. I find it rather odd that both my great-grandmother and my great-great-grandmother passed away in the same year, in the same place. That leads me to wonder how accurate that information is. I plan to make a trip to Longstraw and try to find out more about it, and I will post whatever information I find. Thanks, Denise

Re: Longstraw Cemetery

Posted: 9 Aug 2013 8:57PM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: McLeroy, Green
Debra, you and I exchanged information a couple of years ago on the McLeroy family - was trying to contact you to see if you have discovered any further information - still trying to track down what ever happened to Vachel McLeroy - my great-grandfather

Re: Longstraw Cemetery

Posted: 9 Aug 2013 9:39PM GMT
Classification: Query
I am sorry to say I have not taken the time to do any more research. I believe we communicated earlier this year, or late 2012?? My plans are to pick up where I left off, but right now we are dealing with so me life changes and I just don't have the time or energy to do it. Thanks for contacting me, I look forward to visiting with you again.

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