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FTM 2012 vs 2010 and memory hogging

FTM 2012 vs 2010 and memory hogging

Posted: 27 Oct 2012 1:28PM GMT
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Edited: 27 Oct 2012 7:08PM GMT
I just installed the Sep 25 update for FTM2012 and decided to see if it had changed it's performance since my last use, abt a year ago. I have been using 2010 since it was faster merging, even though it would shut down when system memory usage got near 3.4 GB (I have 16GBs). Several times a day.

I imported my 28 GB backup file from 2010 into 2012; abt 2 hrs!
Upgraded to tree to 2012 format and continued to add 1940 Census data; which, I had been doing for 2 months with 2010.
To my GLEE, the performance was now similar to 2010s!!!! And, no more memory shutdowns. FTM 2012 is still not perfect in fast merging, but acceptable for a large tree: 31000 people.

Well, I posted too soon. After about two hours, it shut down. Still it is way better.

Re: FTM 2012 vs 2010 and memory hogging

Posted: 28 Oct 2012 12:59AM GMT
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A well known effect. You're right since the newest update it's much better but still keeps utilizing RAM (but much more slowly) until there's none available then shuts down. Fortunately it doesn't appear to harm the file but it's annoying nonetheless. Happens only with large file sizes of more than 20-30,000 individuals.

Re: FTM 2012 vs 2010 and memory hogging

Posted: 5 Jul 2013 4:33PM GMT
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We have 2 desktops, each running Windows 7 - one 64 bit with 8 GB memory, the other 32 bit with 4 GB.

FTM 2012 shuts down frequently - not just once or twice a week more like 3-5 time a day on both machines.

The trees currently experiencing this issue are 15,065 individuals on the 64 bit W7 machine and a brand new tree on the 32 bit machine with just over 100 people.

The product is just plain garbage and truly a memory hog and doesn't release memory - just keeps eating away until there is nothing left and shuts down - no warning - on both machines with different size trees.


Re: FTM 2012 vs 2010 and memory hogging

Posted: 5 Jul 2013 5:50PM GMT
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Can you describe what you mean by "shuts down" and what you were doing at the time of this issue?

Also what else did you have running and what "Protection" programs are running?

Re: FTM 2012 vs 2010 and memory hogging

Posted: 5 Jul 2013 6:00PM GMT
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Changing person, clicking on a fact, adding a person, entering a death date - any number of different actions too numerous to detail.

Other things running - 32 bit machine IE9 on Ancestry, 64 bit machine IE10 on Ancestry and MS Outlook.

Just shuts down means just that - it closes, no warning and when restarted states that it was closed unexpectedly and we need to compact the tree. We are getting tired of doing that.

Re: FTM 2012 vs 2010 and memory hogging

Posted: 5 Jul 2013 7:16PM GMT
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Being that this is happening on both machines, then it just could be such things as low or dirty power. Cold also be linked to your common internet connection.

I have been running FTM on many machines (at this time 5 machines)and have never had it do the closing of the program.

You did NOT state what AV and other protection programs are running on these machines?

This "closed unexpectedly " can be because of some system and/or hardware problems.

Are your ".Net" files all up to date?
They will be found in the "Windows Update" to be checked.

Re: FTM 2012 vs 2010 and memory hogging

Posted: 5 Jul 2013 8:28PM GMT
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This is normal and despite the experience of some to whom it nevers happens (and I believe this is so), it is a common occurence for many others. Yes, it is a bother to have it close unexpectedly, but it truly does not harm your file.
There are signs you can look for to prepare for the closing. For example, if media file or some windows are outlined in red that's a sign it will close soon. If some of the media previews are blank that's also a sign but not always. You can also keep an eye on memory usage using Task Manager. You'll soon come to know how much memory is too much. Close some other programs like Office programs and Internet Explorer that can also use large quantities of available RAM. Be proactive. When you suspect the program is about to close, close it yourself and start again.
Again FTM 2012 can be a pain to run, but it is really the best program for its purpose out there. I think if you just come to terms with the memory issue and manage it yourself you'll come to prefer FTM 2012.
By the way the difference between 32 and 64 bit is irrelevant. FTM is a 32 bit program so it can only use that memory. And 32 bit machines can only use up to 2G of RAM so it restricts the amount of RAM useable.

Re: FTM 2012 vs 2010 and memory hogging

Posted: 5 Jul 2013 9:14PM GMT
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Ancestry must have some way of curing this memory issue, as always not enough people complaining.

BTW - unless you're talking about FTM only using up to 2 GB, then I have to disagree - 32 bit machines can only access/address about 3.5 GB, having a 64 bit machine means that the processor can access over this low memory limit.

I also misquoted the 64 bit machine memory - its 10 GB, with 6.5 available and 4.5 free. FTM has crept up to 400 MB (private working set) with 513 MB (working set sharable).

Surprisingly both Outlook and IE10 combined are using less memory than FTM.

Thanks for the tips.

Re: FTM 2012 vs 2010 and memory hogging

Posted: 5 Jul 2013 11:55PM GMT
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FTM has had memory problems with memory usage since 2008. It is not your machine or power conditioning, it is FTM.


Re: FTM 2012 vs 2010 and memory hogging

Posted: 6 Jul 2013 1:31AM GMT
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