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Name pronounciation-Golubic,Golobich

Name pronounciation-Golubic,Golobich

Posted: 26 Dec 2005 3:43AM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Golubic,Golobich
My Grandmothers surname is possibly one of these. My aunt(her daughter) is positive it is the latter,but after hearing something on the news I may feel differently. There was a man on who spelled his name 'Golubic' but the reporter pronounced it Go-luh-bich. Could it be my Aunt is so positive, because this is how she hears the name,and just assumes that's how it's spelled? Anyone who is familiar with Slovenian or the surrounding areas would probably be able to help the most here. Thanks.

Re: Name pronounciation-Golubic,Golobich

Posted: 26 Dec 2005 5:26PM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 30 Nov 2006 7:19AM GMT
the pronunce is:
gOOd (but the voice is shorter)
In/ Into

Now, in the end of the word, about the CH is a little trouble. If the name owner was/is Slovenian or Croatian, it is correctly CH, like in the word change, but if he/she was/is Serb, the situation is not the same. In the Serbian language, the end of a word "ch" is not ch, but as the "t" voice as you use for example in the word tune, or Tuesday. In the Serbian writing it can be seen, because that is using Cirill letters and it has the same letters for this voice but not in the other languages.
Lajos reich, Hungary

Re: Name pronounciation-Golubic,Golobich

Karen Celinski (View posts)
Posted: 27 Dec 2005 12:35AM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Golubic,Golobich
Lajos, that was a wonderful answer, very definitive. My aunt told me her Grandpa Golobich was Slovenian, so I will go with that pronounciation. Now I know to look for both spellings of this name, as this could be the way it was originally spelled when he came to America.
Thanks again, Karen

Re: Name pronounciation-Golubic,Golobich

Posted: 27 Dec 2005 8:10AM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 30 Nov 2006 7:19AM GMT
I am sure, you will enjoy the meaning of your name........
The root of the Golubich/Golobich is Golub/Golob. Because the southern/Western Slavic languages take differency among the soft "H" and hard "H", the voice "H" is moving to be "G" or back. For example, in the Russian the mount is Gor, but in Moscow it is told Hor. The situation with your name is the same. The word Golub is told in other parts of the Slavic language territories (eg Slovac, Bohemian) like Holub. And it means Pigeon ! So, the Golubich means "Son of Pigeon", but what is more interesting: to develop this word by some suffixes, the word golubichky means near the darling........ :-)
The name Celinsky probably means: "from Celje" (iTSy-biTSy, end, Look, York, End). Celje was a famous town/fort, it is in the present Slovenia Republic was found in the Roman age, and it was named by the Romans Celeia. The Celinskys were the one of the most important barons of the Hungarian Kindom in the 15th Century, named in Hungarian Cillei.
Here you can see photos about Celje:
Happy New Year!
Lajos Reich, Hungary
Ps: did you know, that the word itsy-bitsy is Hungarian and means about very little by the "children's slang" :-)


Posted: 20 Jan 2006 2:29PM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: golubic, golubich, szlamar, slamar, gollubic
I have recently located Golubic on my tree as well (from Sveti Martin pod Okic, Croatia). In looking at church records, it's clear that the spelling of this name wasn't "fixed" until the 1900s...I saw Golubic, Golobic, Golubich/obich, and Gollubic/ch as well. They are all the same family, though. I found out early on not to attach too much weight to the specific spelling of Eastern European names - just be diligent that it's the same family.

My Golubic is Barbara, daughter of Anton, married to Tomo Slamar (Szlamar, Szlammar) in Sv Martin.


Re: Name pronounciation-Golubic,Golobich

Posted: 4 Mar 2011 8:04PM GMT
Classification: Query
I wish to Thank You for this understanding of this surname.If you go to and type in FRANK GOLOB born 1892 in, St. Margareithe, Austria. Say's his father was the late,JOHN JOSEPH GOLOB from, OBLENAU,AUSTRIA wife MARY KOCHEAVAR.Frank came to the US in 1911-1913 got his paper's in Milaukee,Wis..I need to learn about this part of Austria.MARY (KOCHEAVAR)GOLOB I do not have any Info. really yet. Sincerely Lynda C.

Re: Name pronounciation-Golubic,Golobich

Posted: 8 Jan 2013 6:03PM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 8 Jan 2013 6:15PM GMT
all similar as variants from the slavic languages, but also in hungarian is similar.

meaning = dove, pigeon in slavic languages
can have also have been takenas lastname for Pigeon breeders, -dealers. so came about the "occupation". the german variant then was Tauber (Taube = pigeon, dove).

slovenian: Golob
croatian,serbian: Golub
slovakian, czech: Holub
hungarian = Galamb

Golobic pronunced:
Go like go (the o is not the same like in other!)
lo like in lonley
bic correct the same pronouncing like word bitch ;-)
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