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Help ? new to researching family history! Maiden Names ??

Help ? new to researching family history! Maiden Names ??

Posted: 21 Sep 2013 10:33PM GMT
Classification: Query
Hi ,

New to researching family history but really want to get into it and have a good go and got what family I have left trying to help but one thing I'm struggling on is how people find out what peoples maiden names were ? family can remember there first names and names when they are married but wondered how people managed to go back so far and have maiden names ?

Many Thanks in advance ! any help is gratefully appreciated !

Re: Help ? new to researching family history! Maiden Names ??

Posted: 22 Sep 2013 4:12AM GMT
Classification: Query
Hi Kirsty
if you have a marriage certificate usually the mother's name is on there and just underneath it states nee with a different name. For example Jane Brown father John Brown mother Mary Brown nee Smith then Smith is the mother's maiden name. I also found that in my family people had the mother's maiden name as there middle name. You might also find this information on a birth cetificate. This information might depend on whether you are looking at English verses Scottish certificates.
Hope this helps

Re: Help ? new to researching family history! Maiden Names ??

Posted: 22 Sep 2013 5:45AM GMT
Classification: Query
For BMD info in Englabd and Wales try Freebmd on the Rootsweb site.If you have an Ancestry sub.then they have a BMD index for England abd Wales.Both sites give you the registration numbers and district and you can purchase the certs from the GRO in Southport,it's the cheapest place along with the register office of the district.Certs 'prove' the info and help you to get back to the first census that's available on line which people on the message boards can help of luck and happy hunting, but if you get stuck just ask on the message board.



Re: Help ? new to researching family history! Maiden Names ??

Posted: 22 Sep 2013 8:31AM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 22 Sep 2013 8:46AM GMT
Quick answer, unfortunately you have to buy Birth Certificates & sometimes marriage cert.

Starting with you, your [long form] B/C should [if he is named, sorry not being rude] show your fathers name & mothers name with formerly Smith, Jones, Bloggs etc [if they are married]. From this you can look for a match in marriages of your parents, the M/C cert will show the bride and groom their ages at time of marriage, plus each one's father [again assuming they are named or were known]. You now have another piece of the jigsaw towards your parents B/C, your fathers name off your B/C & his marriage cert plus his fathers name off his own M/C & the same with your mother. Now you can look for all the Tom Bloggs for a particular year in a particular area and hope there are not loads. Warning though sometimes we have to guess as to where a person was born but as with my own experience found much to my surprise that I am one of 4 we have lived my whole life in Stoke On Trent, I always thought we were all born here but was shocked to find my brother had been born in Plymouth. So its a B/C followed by a M/C followed by a B/C or two if you trace each branch of your family. Use your local Registrar if your lucky that people live local & or the General Registry Office at Southport for certificates other sites will cost a fortune. When you get back you will find the Census records of 1841, 1851, 1861, 1871, 1881, 1891, 1901 & 1911 invaluable but they don't show mothers maiden names. Hope this has been of some use & good luck with your search
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