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James Breen born 1892 Co. Fermanagh

James Breen born 1892 Co. Fermanagh

Posted: 22 May 2010 6:14PM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Breen
I am continually hitting a brick wall with my great grandfather who was James Breen, born in Co. Fermanagh (Brookboro) in June 1892. I have found census and draft registrations for him from after he moved here in 1910 which gave me the info that he came here in 1910 and was born in Brookboro. Passenger lists from 1910 have him coming over here in May of that year, another passenger listed next to him is "John Breen" but does not seem to have the same information so it's inconclusive whether they are related. It says he was born in Brookboro, Co. Fermanagh in 1892, last residence in Ireland is Owenbreedin, Co. Fermanagh. His final destination was a friend's home in Brooklyn... I have absolutely no idea anything that took place before he came to America. He married Margaret Burke in Union NJ and raised their family in Roselle Park NJ. His son James Edward was my grandfather who also raised his children in Roselle Park NJ. I have no idea what my great grandfathers parents names were, if he had siblings, or if the John Breen that was on the same trip across the pond was any way related to him, this is so frustrating!! Any help or information would really be appreciated:)

Jaimie Breen Jachim
Brick NJ

Re: James Breen born 1892 Co. Fermanagh

Posted: 23 May 2010 3:36PM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Breen

The name and county grabbed me-my Breen tribe is from Tempo. I have a Breen family in Brookeborough on the 1901 Census, downloaded from the Fermanagh Gold site( It's an Excel spreadsheet, listing
Hugh and Ellen Breen;
Anne Breen, 31, widowed;
Catherine Breen, 20
James Breen, 9(I'm assuming this is your James)
Edward Breen, 7
Joseph Breen, 5

This doesnt't break it down by household. However, the Irish National Archives is releasing the 1901 Census forms very shortly which will show the families in more detail.

Hope this Helps,

Jim Breen

Re: James Breen born 1892 Co. Fermanagh

Posted: 23 May 2010 5:27PM GMT
Classification: Query
Hi Jim! Thank you so much for getting back to me:) I definitely think that has got to be my great grandfather, and I can somewhat narrow the names of his parents down to either Hugh and Ellen, or Anne, hopefully when the new census comes out I can figure it out a little more:) Thanks also for that link, I am going to go check it out right now!


Re: James Breen born 1892 Co. Fermanagh

Posted: 1 Jun 2010 1:29AM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Breen, Nixon
I can't help with your research, but what caught my attention in your post is that there are two Breen researchers in Brick, NJ.

My Breen ancestors are my great grand parents -- Henry Breen and Mary Jane Nixon Breen -- both born around 1850 and both arrived in the 1860's from Cavan. They lived in Manhattan and Jersey City. There is a family story that suggests a Fermanagh connection but it is a little vague on details, and my best guess it is the Nixon family who may have been there, not the Breen's.

I have done a DNA test so if any of your Breen family males have done any testing we could compare results.

I'm also involved in both Ocean County and Monmouth County Genealogy groups.

Bob Breen -- Brick, NJ

Re: James Breen born 1892 Co. Fermanagh

Posted: 2 Jun 2010 10:18PM GMT
Classification: Query
Hi Bob! That's great we share a name and a hometown:) I've never had anyone in the family DNA tested because I really am not very familiar with how that works. I just think it's bizarre that while I knew my great grandfather, I have absolutely no recollection of talk of family members such as brothers, sisters etc... not just not from my great grandfather, but my own father never spoke of other Breens either. I just know that he came here from County Fermanagh in 1910 and somehow met and married my great grandmother Margaret Burke, who was born right here in Union NJ. Somewhere I came across an article about a Father Hugh Breen who was a clergyman out of Baltimore, who retired and went back home to Brookboro, so I am wondering if there is any connection there, not much of a difference in their ages, and from Passenger Lists I found out that Hugh's father's name was James just like my great grandfather... it could be a fluke, or it could be something, but I have absolutely no way of knowing!

Thanks for getting in touch with me:) Good luck in your search!

Re: James Breen born 1892 Co. Fermanagh

Posted: 14 Feb 2011 12:51AM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 15 Feb 2011 11:16AM GMT
My Great Grandfathers uncle Johny Breen is recorded on the 1911 census for Ireland, as living at Owenbreedin, Brookeborough Co. Fermanagh. In fact this townland/farm is opposite my home - I can see the house from were I am sitting! Johny Breen was married in 1865 to a Mary Mc Donagh and as far as I know had 7 children Ellen (1867) Andrew (1869) John (1871) Hughie (1873) Mary Anne (1877) Michael (1881) and Patrick (1879. I know that Hughie's wife was called Mary Jane and they resided and died here on the farm where I live.
I have no idea how your James is related to my Great grandfather Patrick who was born in Brookeborough in 1869. As far as I know my great grandfather had a brother James born 1867. Their parents are Hugh Breen who was marrried to Mary Foy.
If you look at the 1901 census for Ireland you will see that Anne Breen is 31 years old and she is widowed with two sons James age 9 and Edward age 7.
The Hugh and Ellen Breen are in a different household and are aged 6oyrs. Don't think they could be parents to your James! They have a 20year old daughter, Catherine and a 5 year old grandson Joseph living with them.
Can't find Anne and her two sons James and Edward on the 1911 census. Maybe she is remarried but should still be able to find her two sons. Could she have gone to America with them?
Hope this is of some help

Re: James Breen born 1892 Co. Fermanagh

Posted: 16 Feb 2011 1:52AM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Breen, Kelly, Whelehan, McMackin, McCusker,Hogan, Hackett

Any way to tie your Brookeborough Breens in with my gang from Tempo? Hugh is a pretty common name among the Breens-I found a Hugh Breen on the Freeholders' List in Toneyglaskin in 1796 on the PRONI website recently.

Jim Breen

Re: McBreen / MacBreen family

Posted: 24 Aug 2011 4:42PM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 24 Aug 2011 4:43PM GMT
I am looking for information regarding my family, McBreen, heritage. My McBreen heritage is from northern Ireland with the name originally being MacBreen. However, because they were green they moved south and changed the name to reflect that. The immigrated to the Illinois area in the 1860s and from there moved to Denver. They also seem to have had some ties to the Stewart (Stuart) line. In my family Stewarts were always referred to as the Royal House.

Anybody out there that this might ring a bell with?
Let me hear from you.
Ann Carlin

Re: James Breen born 1892 Co. Fermanagh

Posted: 9 Oct 2011 5:24PM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Breen-MacAllister
my sons are obviously related to you, their great X3 grandmother was Ellen Breen born 11/2/1865 from Brookborogh Co Fermanagh daughter of Hugh Breen and Mary Foy, she had two brothers that I know of Patrick Joseph born 18/5/1869 and James born 7/4/1867. I see there were other Breens in Brookborogh with children at the same time Hugh Breen and Mary McElroy, and John Breen and Frances Wilson are they related. Ellen by the way married John MacAllister of Claawhillan Co Down

Re: James Breen born 1892 Co. Fermanagh

Posted: 10 Oct 2011 10:05AM GMT
Classification: Query
Hi Aoife
I'm so delighted to hear from you! My great grandfather was Patrick Breen, Ellens youngest brother. I know so much about Patrick and his brother James but just couldn't find out what happened to Ellen and their older sister Catherine (Kate).
I found Ellen married and living in Byransford, Co. Down on the 1901 census. I know that they had 8 children at this stage and her parents Hugh and Mary were living in Byransford too. By 1911 Hugh and Mary are back in Brookeborough.
Where did Ellen and her family go after 1901? Do you know anything about her older sister Kate? Her married name was possibly Moss.

Both James and Patrick went to Belfast and were Spirit Grocers. Sadly in 1899 James, his wife and baby died and Patrick also lost his two children around the same time. It may well have been due to typhoid. In 1902 Patrick went to Birkenhead to work and when he became ill his wife Maggie went over to him. They both died that summer leaving their two youngest children at home in Ireland. The oldest of which was Margaret (Pearl)- my granny.

looking forward to hearing from you.
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