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FTM2012 won't open following Microsoft updates

FTM2012 won't open following Microsoft updates

Posted: 12 Jul 2013 12:04PM GMT
Classification: Query
I run FTM2012 on Windows 7. I have used the software for about a year, and have encountered frustrations along the way, despite the fact that FTM2012 is "certified" for Windows 7. Most recently, I was unable to open FTM yesterday. The program simply wouldn't open. I ran the Microsoft trouble-shooting utility, and was told to try to open the program in "compatibility mode." After doing that the program still refused to open and I began to get a message telling me that "FTM.exe" didn't have publishing info. Finally, in desperation I uninstalled the most recent Microsoft updates that had been installed on my computer since I last used FTM on July 8. After I did that, FTM opened and functioned. I called Ancestry support and got a friendly person, but no real answers. Obviously, I can't run long without Microsoft updates -- especially the security updates. Any ideas, and any hunches why the corporate owners of FTM won't support Microsoft updates as they say they do????? Thanks!

Re: FTM2012 won't open following Microsoft updates

Posted: 12 Jul 2013 12:18PM GMT
Classification: Query
Did you have FTM open while you installed the updates?

The same happened to me about 2 years ago. I re-installed the MS updates with FTM closed and then it worked as it should.

Re: FTM2012 won't open following Microsoft updates

Posted: 12 Jul 2013 12:23PM GMT
Classification: Query
I think you may pause and consider that MS releases updates without any particular reference to any software producer.

I am guessing that if there is a problem cause by an update, then the producer would need some time to figure out what change(s) needs to be made.

To suggest that Ancestry won't support MS updates is absurd given that FTM 2012 runs in MS .NET 4 and uses just about every MS function it can including MSIE.

For the record, I use Win 7 Pro and receive all the updates and my FTM 2012 is running correctly. I suspect that there would be many other Windows 7 user running 2012 without an issue.

The fact that you seem to be suggesting that you have been having problems for sometime (1 year) might indicate that you in fact have some issue with your computer which the latest update may have caused enough of an issue to provoke instability.

It may be worth doing some checks as it may not be W 7 updates as the main cause

John D

Re: FTM2012 won't open following Microsoft updates

Posted: 12 Jul 2013 12:28PM GMT
Classification: Query
Thanks for your quick response. I'm actually not sure if FTM was open or not when the updates were installed. (LOL, I have a tendency -- maybe not a good one!! -- to leave lots of things running on my computer, pretty much 'round the clock.)

But your idea sounds like it would be worth a try. And I don't think it could hurt anything. I really don't want to lose the great functionality that FTM gives me. Yet I know I can't safely operate for long without accepting Microsoft updates.


Re: FTM2012 won't open following Microsoft updates

Posted: 12 Jul 2013 12:34PM GMT
Classification: Query
The trigger clearly was the Microsoft updates. And my statement that FTM2012 is "certified" compatible with Windows 7 was affirmed by the Ancestry tech guy. I would also add that a check of the Microsoft "Community" list-serv revealed that other FTM users have in fact experienced the problem.

I am not suggesting that the Microsoft updates "caused" the problem. But there is no doubt that they were the catalyst, perhaps because of interaction with other software. I am a writer, not a technology professional But if all my software is supposed to be individually compatible, then it should be the vendors' responsibility to make sure that they also be on the look-out for problems arising from interactions.

Thanks for your helpful note and friendly attitude!
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