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Have You Any Connections,Currently researching Sturton.Have been there -It is a lovely place.

Introduction by David Hinde

Tracing your family history,in search of your roots is now an increasingly popular quest,particularly with the introduction of personal home computers.For many it unlocks the mysteries of where we came from,what our ancestors did and in some cases what our ancestors looked like.

The search for the ‘Hinde History’ unravelled all these and more.I had once thought that it was too big a task,or that it would not be that interesting.How wrong I was !

As I plotted my own course of history,in the throes of separation ,after 21 years of an unhappy marriage,I decided to undertake that journey of enlightenment.

The origins of the Hinde ‘dynasty’ had long been the subject of light –hearted banter between my mother and father,as my mother often joked that the Hinde family were probably Irish gipsies that had emigrated to
Manchester.My father considered the Family to have been true Lancastrians,as trips to Yorkshire and the East Coast had been practically non existent during my childhood.I loved Yorkshire and the East Coast,with its chalk cliffs,sweeping bays,clear water and natural beauty.

I wanted to solve that mystery,so that my mother and father could share in the excitement of the find,and so that my lovely daughters;Felicity,
Helen,Katrina and Adele will know of their origins and carry forward that
Family history.

Here is our story.

The South African Adventure

Under the Byrne Emigration scheme of 1849-1851,settlers from many rural homesteads in the East Of England who were experiencing hard times and rural decline were encouraged to emigrate to Natal,South Africa via Natal Settler Agents such as John Moreland ,who was an agent for the Byrne emigration scheme.Many of those schemes were organised under Methodist auspices,for the colonisation of Natal.At around the same time the Industrial Revolution was taking place in England,and the movement from the country
Villages to the Cities began.

On one of the earliest sailings,The DREADNOUGHT sailed from London on
17 August 1849 and arrived at Port Natal (Durban),South Africa on 2 November 1849.Amongst its passengers Thomas Hind/HINDE from Sturton.
(A full passenger list is detailed at the end of this chapter).

Many of the emigrants settled in an around PieterMaritsburg,now in the centre of the KwaZulu,the ‘Kingdom of The Zulu’.

Thomas Hind was joined by all the other members of the Hind/Hinde family from Sturton hich was recorded in the local history of Sturton Le Steeple…………………………………………,although the historian was unsure which country they had emigrated to.Having solved this mystery, I
have recorded an entry in the Church Visitor Book to record this find.

The South African death notice of Thomas Hinde,who died on 22 December 1865,age 61
,who resided at 43 Berg Street,PieterMaritsburg records his birthplace as Sturton, Nottinghamshire, 1803/1804.

His parents were Thomas and Mary Hinde(nee Illingworth,who had 14 children,following
Their marriage in Sturton cum Fenton on 20 May 1804.Thomas Hinde Senior was a
Thomas Hinde died on 27 February 1857 aged 77.

Mary Hinde died aged 42 on 7 May 1840
Their 14 children included the following :-
***Thomas Hind christened 8 October 1804
-George Hind christened 16 September 1806
-Charlotte Hinde christened 13 September 1807
-Francis Hind christened 25 February 1810 died 23 December 1810 (Infant Death)

-Ann Hind christened 13 July 1817 ,died 29 August 1822(Infant Death)

-John Hinde christened 18 June 1820
-Mary Hind christened 25 December 1824 died November 1837 (Infant death)
-Mary Hinds christened 21 August 1834
-Eliza Hinds christened 15 July 1838


It was stated that at the time of the death certificate 2 January 1866 ,only two of these
14 children survived.

It can be assumed that these were his elder brother William Hinde,living at Ollerton,
Nottingham and John Hinde his younger brother with him in PieterMaritsburg.
It was recorded that Thomas Hinde had no children,but left a considerable amount of property,represented by Mortgage Bonds,Promisory Notes,Bank Shares,two Farms in
Natal,four houses and Land in PieterMaritsburg as a result of his occupation of
Discounter or Money Scrivener.The Certificate states that he was supposed to have a
wife living at Bole(Near Gainsborough),Nottingham,named Charity.Her maiden name
was Marriott. Father was William Marryatta Cottager)her first husband’s name was
Robert Wiles,who was drowned in the River Umgeni?,when in the company of Mr Robert Comins.Thomas Hinde and Charity were married 21 June 1840 in Sturton.

It was reported that he had once made a will in England and left it with a person called Harrison,a lawyer living in Barnsley in Yorkshire.

John Hinde a bricklayer,also living in PieterMaritsburg at 401 Berg Street died a widower,18 April 1902 aged 71 years 9 months,having 5 children.It was stated that
John Hinde was born in Sturton in June 1830,marrying Sarah Johnson in 1841?
The 5 children were :- Mary Hinds christened 19 February 1843 in Sturton
- Tamar Ann christened 1 January 1846
- Clarissa Hinde christened 25 March 1849
- John Tom Hinds christened 13 July 1851
- William Henry Hinds christened 30 September 1857

His death certificate lists two next of kin,presumably those still alive in April 1902,as son, Arthur George Hinde a farmer, married to Winifred Ann Hinde,(nee King)living at Springfield,Little Tugella and then later at Rozel Dell,Bergville,Natal. And son ,John Tom Hinde,a wheelwright and later a coachbuilder, also living with his bricklayer father
John Hinde at 401 Berg Street then later at 431 Berg Street.

I have assumed that my Great grandfather Robert William Hinde was invited over from Manchester,by John Hinde and family in 1900 after Boer War,as he resided some two streets away in PieterMaritsburg,listed in the Natal Almanac and Directory for years
1901 and 1902 only,listed as a bricklayer at 271 Boom Street,PieterMaritsburg.
John’s death in 1902 may have been a contributory factor to Robert William Hinde leaving South Africa and returning to England.

.Arthur George Hinde born in Sturton,England in May 1860,was married at St Mathew’s Church,Estcourt,Natal and died on 30 July 1919,aged 59 years 2 months.
.Arthur had 5 children also:- Dudley George Seabrooke Hinde born 8 April 1905
Eileen Winifred Hinde born 31 October 1907
Beth Hazel Hinde Twin born on 20 December 1911
Vivien Mavis Hinde Twin born on 20 December 1911
Vida Daphne Hinde born on 15 November 1913

A Will dated 19.9.1904 at Bell Park,Courton,Natal was mentioned.His surviving spouse Winifred a teacher, was present at death. Winifred later moved to Durban,
Living at 10 Marine Chambers.She died on 25 April 1933 in Durban.Her daughter Mrs Beth Hazel Kennedy (nee Hinde) was present at the time of death.

John Tom Hinde,born also in Sturton in June 1851 and married Annie Norrie Hinde(nee Dawson) on 20 March 1889 in PieterMaritzburg.He died on 24 August 1904 in Epidemic Hospital,PieterMaritzburg aged 53 years 2 months.Ann Norrie Hinde later moved to 18 Moorecombe,Moore Road,Durban
John Tom Hinde also had five children:-
May Victoria Hinde born 24 May 1890
Hilda Hinde born 8 January 1892
Thomas Arthur Hinde born 6 November 1893
William Redvers Hinde born 20 July 1900
Irene Jessie Hinde born 16 September 1902

Thomas Arthur Hinde a municipal employee,after divorce from his wife ,Mary Ellen Dessingtonwho went to live in Hoolywood Court,Smith Street,Durban.,lived with his mother until his death aged 50 years 9 months , on 2 September 1944 in Addington Hospital,Durban.He had one surviving daughter – Jean Elaine Peel,wife of Douglas Peel.He lost a son Desmond Arthur Hinde on active service in Egypt, on 2 December 1941. aged 23 years 4 months and unmarried.He was 2nd Lieutenant in the South
African Air Force,now presumed killed in action.
His niece was Leslie Norrie Chadwick,daughter of Hilda Hinde who married as Mrs Hilda Chadwick.Thomas Arthur Hinde left a will dated 10 May 1943 in Durban.


THOMAS HIND was married to Mary Simpson on 15 January 1705 in Sturton.
Thomas Hinde Senior died on 9 August 1777 (Gravestone in Sturton Churchyard)
They had 5 children :-
Mary christened 9 May 1706
Thomas christened 16 december 1711
Ann Hnde christened 25 March 1714 died Age 74 on 27 November 1815
Elizabeth christened 10 March 1716
Hannah christened 24 January 1719

Thomas Hinde Senior ‘s father was a bricklayer too,-William Hinde
William Hinde was married to Ann Betney on 27 March 1769(witnessed by George
Smith and Cordall Milner) in Sturton.

They had 5 children:-
-Mary christened 25 June 1769 married Robert Marcls 3 Jan 1785
-Thomas christened 8 November 1771,died 18 October 1773 (Infant death)
-Anne christened 16 February 1777
Twin-Hannah Hinde christened 31 October 1779married Thomas Pagden 12 feb 1781
Twin-Thomas Hinde christened 31 October 1779,died aged 77 on 27 February 1857.

George died Aged 77 on January 10
1843.e.g. born 1766.

Richard Hinde & Sarah.Sarah died aged 87 on 5 October 1834.Richard died aged 76
on 20 October 1827.

Children include :-
Jane Hinde christened 2 May 1781,died ??


Married to Elizabeth Wood on 8 April 1760 at Sturton cum Fenton(Witnesses Ann Bowen
and Cordall Milnor.They had 5 children.Did Thomas Hinde die on 29 November 1786.`

-Wiiliam christened 18 December 1766
-Sarah christened January 1769
-Richard christened 19 October 1770
-John christened 20 April 1772
*William christened 9 January 1776

*William Hinde was married to Miriam Barker on 22 July1793 at North Wheatley.
Miriam died Age 82 Jan – March Quarter 1855 East Retford.Abode Apesthorpe.
William died ?????

1851 Census Entry –North Leverton

William Hinde Age 76 Bricklayer Born Sturton
Miriam Hinde Age 70 Wife Born Sturton

They had 9 children.:-

William Hind baptism 16 March 1794 (Sturton cum Fenton)
John Hind baptism 8 June 1796 (Sturton)
Miriam Hind baptism 7 August 1798 (Sturton)
Ann Hind baptism 28 September 1801 (Apesthorpe)
Hannah Hind baptism 27 March 1804 (Apesthorpe)
George Hind baptism 9 January 1806(Apesthorpe)
Mary Hind baptism 26 October 1806 (Apesthorpe)
Thomas Hind baptism 12 June 1809 (Apesthorpe)
George Hind baptism 9 January 1812 (Apesthorpe)

George Hinde was married to Ann Otter on 24 November 1761 at Sturton
Witnessed by George Goodall and Thomas Hinde. Ann Hinde died aged 87 on 30 April

George Hinde was married to Mary ? ?? who died aged 91 on 29 January 1806
They had ……children which included :-
William Hinde christened 9 November 1760
Henry christened….. 1750 died

Henry Hinde was married to Ann Cottam in Sturton on 5 November 1767,witnessed by
John Rhoads and George Hinde.They had 9 children :-Henry died 3 Dec 1805.aged 55.
George christened 20 November 1768 in North Leverton died 16 July 1769 (Infant Death)
Mary christened 15 April 1770 in North Leverton/Apesthorpe
Thomas christened 15 July 1771 in Sturton,died 18 May 1777.
Millia Hinde christened 9 December 1773,died 4 April 1777
Elisabeth Hinde christened 9 March 1776
Henry Hinde christened 6 September 1778,died aged 35 17 October 1813.
Joseph Hinde christened 24 September 1780,died 20 February 1785
Benjamin Hinde christened 7 September 1783
Millia Hinde christened 27 November 1785

Henry Hinds/Hinde who was married to Margaret Cartwright on 11 March 1804 in
Sturton.They had 4 children:Henry died aged 35 on 17 October 1813.

-Henry (Junior)christened 27 June 1804
-Amelia Hind christened 16 February 1806
Sarah Hinds christened 13 September 1807,died 16 September 1807.
Benjamin Hinds christened 27 November 1810

Henry Hind Junior married Jane Moore and had 7 children :-

-Margaret Hinds christened 30 December 1843
-Sarah Hinde christened 11 May 1846 Sarah later had 3 children out of wedlock.
-(Elizabeth Linley Hinds(Feb 1864),Ernest Hinds(July 1868) and Lifsie (Feb 1870)

-Henry Hinds (Junior,Junior) christened 7 May 1849
-John Hinds christened 7 March 1851
-William Hinds christened 31 July 1853
-Anne Hinds christened 22 June 1856
-Thomas Hinds christened 17 April 1858

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