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Crazy Question

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Re: Crazy Question

Posted: 10 Jul 2012 3:22AM GMT
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I don't think you would have two of the same registration cards for the same person without a reason attached to it or written on it; or for some reason they stayed in the system or they wanted them in the system. I should have asked if you know the difference between the different registration cards; but I had typed it already and then I realized you might know the difference; but I left the explanations. They might help someone else if they don't know; but please read the entire message; because it might contain something you overlooked or it might inform you of things you didn't know.

(1.) Make sure that they are the same type card (Registration cards A, B, or C.). They each had a different purpose and had restrictions as to who could fill them out and that was determine as to when he was born and when he had turned a certain age in a given time.
All the different Registration cards had a different format to them; but most wanted the same kind of info.

(2.) If the cards are the same. Make sure all the info. is the same on the front side or page one.

(3.) The most important: Page 2. The Registra"s Report. Make sure that 1, 2, 3, have the same thing. Question 1. was he Tall, Med, or short and the second part. was he Slender, med, or stout. (This could vary if two different people filled it out and it was much later and he had changed in the catagories; bur if it is the same timend the same registra they shouldn't have changed that much).

If the cards are the ame. He might have been disqulified because of age and it was not in the right time span. He might have had to come back and fill out a new card when he met the standards; but the old ard could have been still in the system.

If they are two different cards in format (say one is an A and the other is a C or D).It probably meant that he was not qualifioed the first time and had to come back when he was qualified by age and the right time span.

In both cases. One of the cards stayed in the system and maybe they wanted bothin the system to show that he had registered once before.

The most important thing. Were both cards ated the same day, month and year and I douibt that. The thing isto make sure ifthey are the same card or different in format.

Draft Registration Cards B & A look similar on the front page but different on the 2nd page. The front of B has ten questions and A has twelve. Page 2 differs in the lower left hand corner as you look at it "B' has a box in it.

C and B differ on the front entirely; but the second pages look identicle. I hope this will help you. Take care and God Bless and God Speed.
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