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Posted: 6 Feb 2013 10:08AM GMT
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I understand that legally Ancestry can do what it wants with our info ( almost) BUT it is unethical to not let us know that out trees are being immediately duplicated on another website. Most Ancestry tree users apparently do not know about Mundia, which I discovered accidentally, and I found BOTH my public and private trees were on Mundia ( they are apparently getting their programmers right out of high school,as this seems to be a common problem.) If you do not know Mundia exists, you cannot make informed choices about your info on the site or check to see if your private trees are also showing up on Mundia, which violates Ancestry's private tree policy. My private trees are not on Mundia now, but who knows how long they were on Mundia, including my private tree attachments.
Now at my age I do want my 20 years+ of research to be easily found and shared, as I have several thousand fairly well documented people in my 2 very extended family trees.I also have posted gedcoms on several sites over the years. I also have over 1200 attached docs, fotos, etc on my 2 public trees. But my quarrel with Mundia is how they attribute my attachments, as it only attributes the attachment to me. On Ancestry trees, when you attach a foto etc from another person's public tree, it shows the original poster. On Mundia it only attributes these kind of attachments to me, which makes me look like a thief of another tree users stories, fotos, etc.
Also I often attach an Ancestry newspaper source to my tree and then clip out the actual obit,etc on the Ancestry database link, and attach it to that person so you do not have to wade thru a whole news page to find it. Now I will have to go through all such attachments adding "from Newspaper Databases" in order to avoid copyright issues from the New York Times, etc. Thanks a lot, Mundia.
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