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Posted: 22 Jun 2005 8:40AM GMT
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Oh - I guess if you have something NEGATIVE to say about, Then your comments are DELETED so that other users cannot see them.
Now THAT ticks me off.
An interesting form of CENSORSHIP, don't you think?
I also found it interesting that not 15 minutes after I posted, my telephone rang and it was, Guess WHO? Someone from Ancestry, under the guise of asking me to RENEW when my renewal isn't up until AUGUST.
Do I have STUPID written on my forehead?

My comments about the OWT being a completely USELESS offering, and my suggestion that they MIGHT listen to their PAYING customers, along with my other suggestions that they:
1. Give us the choice retroactively, to opt out of the e-mail contacts for OWT (but not from our ORIGINAL, user-submitted trees), so that we will not continue to get umpteen e-mails from people asking for information on individuals who are NOT EVEN IN OUR DATABASE NOR WERE THEY EVER AT ANY TIME IN THE PAST. I'd prefer that these people e-mail Ancestry with their information seeking questions and ask THEM why *I* do not have any information, when Ancestry tells them that I DO. OR, WHY is the information Ancestry is giving them WRONG when compared with my ORIGINAL data?

2. SHOULD have given us the option IN THE FIRST PLACE, of NOT having our WELL-Documented, EXPENSIVE databases included, WITHOUT having to completely remove them from I don't know about anyone else, but I have spent 30 years, and THOUSANDS of dollars on books, documentation, letters, trips, meetings, photos, e-mails, AND subscriptions to Ancestry, in order to insure that the information I have posted is as correct as I can possible make it.
I am NOT happy that "John Jones" who is DOCUMENTED to have died in, (example only) 1722 Boston, MA comes out of the OWT as having died in 1922 Iowa.
Now HOW does that happen? 'Cause I just DON'T get it.

3. SHOULD just get rid of the OWT program, as it is SO completely ERROR-RIDDEN as to render any value Ancestry may have thought it could have to its customers, USELESS.

Ok, so I'll admit that maybe in the heat of the moment, I used the phrase "I am in e-mail H**L" and the phrase "Poor Bast***"
If that is the ONLY reason my post was deleted, ok. I can understand that. HOWEVER, A courtesy e-mail from whomever it was who has the power to delete our messages would have been nice, or alternately, as the all-powerful Oz, he or she could simply have edited those "offensive" words out, and let the e-mail speak for itself.
But no - Gone is the entire message. Hmmm.
Well, apparently Ancestry thought what I had to say important enough to TELEPHONE me, as well as to send me an E-Mail asking me to give them feedback on this problem.

Am I now on some monitor list? Will all of my comments at Ancestry now be sent to someone's desktop for review?

Oh - and one thing I forgot to mention yesterday - The whole thing where Ancestry says "Well, if the information in OWT is incorrect, YOU, the submitter, have the option TO MAKE CORRECTIONS to it.
AND, I really do not like being called a "submitter" to OWT. Although I allowed my information to be used, IT WAS WITH THE ASSUMPTION THAT IT WOULD REMAIN AS PRISTINE AS IT WAS WHEN I SUBMITTED IT.
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