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Incorrectly labeled U.S. naturalization records? Confused

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Incorrectly labeled U.S. naturalization records? Confused

Posted: 20 Jul 2010 3:42PM GMT
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I am getting very confused about what has actually been completed in the World Archives Project for the database titled Selected US Naturalization Records - Original Documents 1790-1974. Can someone either clarify or confirm that something is mis-labled?

Here is the situation:
I have a US Naturalization Indexes 1794-1995 record for the person I am looking for (Dmytro Chupo).

This record states that the Petition Number is 104139.

I then went to the Selected US Naturalization Records - Original Documents 1790-1974 (WAP) to see if this petition number had been done yet and it was just a fluke or misspelling causing me not to find my guy using his name.

Using the browsing feature I started with

State: New York
A Range Of Rolls: (Rolls 0443-0476) Petition No 98586 - Petition No 107479)

However this then brings up a drop down list for Rolls 611-644(which includes Petition numbers 141975-150190) NOT the rolls 443-476 as the previous drop down indicated.

Okay, so then I decide that maybe just the secondary drop down listing is wrong, so I scan through the "A Range of Rolls" again until I find one that has a sub drop down menu that includes the Petition numbers that include my number, even though it doesn't initially look like it should.

State: New York
A Range Of Rolls:(Rolls 0307-0340) Petition No 63797 - Petition No 73172

This Range of Rolls had as it's sub drop down menu:
(Roll 0475) Petition No 107018 - Petition No 107251

Aha! my petition number 104139 fit right into this range of numbers, I may have to skip around a bit, but I should be able to find my number in here as I know they are filed in numerical order!

But alas! When i open to page one, what do I find? Petition number 63797 (the 1st number in the Range of Rolls Drop Down menu), NOT 107018 (the first number in the sub drop down menu) which I expected to be the first page.

Is the indexing of the drop down menu simply incorrect? Or am I not understanding how to find Petition Number 104139?

Any ideas? If the indexing is incorrect, I want to let Ancestry know about it in case it is something that can be corrected.

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