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Ancestry DNA Question

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Ancestry DNA Question

Posted: 9 Oct 2013 9:45PM GMT
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Maybe someone can help me here. I have been long interested in getting my personal genome tested and the Ancestry autosomal kit seems to be the ticket... however:

For the sheer fact that these types of tests involve so many place makers in one's own genetic makeup means little to me, as I have studied what happens to one's DNA in advanced college courses. The upshot of things is that one's parent's contributing DNA readily swap base pairs among themselves as cells divide. In other words, you become a truly complete mixture of your parent's DNA. Except... if you are a male.

Because of the mismatching XY chromosomes at DNA pair 23, crossover does not readily happen, if at all. That is why the 40 Y male chromosome is useful for tracing a male's immediate ancestry. The other 22 chromosomes that we each carry becomes very analogous to mixing a paint bucket with dyes to result in a very specific color and explains why one's siblings do not look like a twin, but still resemble each other... as you and your siblings are made of the same DNA "ingredients" contributed by each of your biological parents.

The question being posed here, is that does Ancestry autosomal DNA testing also include the 40 base pairs being tested in Y (male only) DNA tests? I cannot get an answer to this basic question. The premise is very true that only males can pass down the line the "Y" gene. Otherwise, matched "XX" chromosomes readily mix - just like dyes being put into a paint bucket and shook.

Does anyone have insight into this concerning Ancestry's test? They are very strangely silent and have the male specific (for us living guys... sorry girls, nature defines you do not get this research advantage) included would be extremely useful and make their offering a true bargain! (Girls, you can leverage this too by getting a brother to do the mouth swab for testing, instead of doing this yourself).

Thanks for any comments here. I am very interested, but do not want to spend the $ if all I am going to get is generalities either.
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