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1800s Boarding Schools in Missouri, & Martha Alice Eads

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1800s Boarding Schools in Missouri, & Martha Alice Eads

Annadella Paschal (View posts)
Posted: 23 Jul 2001 7:22PM GMT
Surnames: Eads & ?
Where can I find a list of boarding schools in Missouri during the 1800s. We know that somewhere (I have seen student listings of a very few "Indian" schools), there are not only lists of the boarding schools where Native American children were assigned, but also lists of the students, their native names, the names of their parent(s), and their tribal affiliation, and where they came from. Who knows where this information is? Please, let's get a roaring discussion on this subject!!! Some of the names in my gr-grandmother's family stories are: Morning Star, Moose in the Lake (although one of my cousins remembers it as Elk in the Lake), Standing Bear, Red Bird, and Running Snake. I'm sure she must have told us what her tribe was, but we just don't remember. We older grandchildren called Martha Alice "Many Feathers" because of all the feathers (and other things) she collected to make things with. Grandad made 'talking sticks' occassionally to give to somebody, and he would use some of her "findings" sometimes. We do remember that she mentioned many tribes in her stories, the Ojibwe-Chippewa, the Shawnee, the Otoe-Missouria, the Osage, the Cheyenne, and the Cherokee. Our grandfather continued the stories after she died. She and Grandad said her father's family were the Blackfoot, and sometimes Grandad would pick up one of our feet and examine it and tell us that he thought the bottom of our feet looked like we took after our gr-gr-granddaddy, the Blackfoot. My gr-grandmother, Martha Alice Eads (b. 1868, MO? or ?, m. A.T. Paschall in 1886, Benton Co., AR, d. 1953, Chattahoochee, FL), definitely Native American according to her stepdaughter, Effie Paschall, who went through the Arkansas court to take away Martha Alice's inheritance from her husband (his property and assets) because Martha Alice was NOT WHITE, and Martha's and A.T.'s son (my grandfather, Elza Paschal) was NOT WHITE (because his mother was FULL BLOOD), and Effie, having no known Indian blood, WAS ALL WHITE, and therefore, the Court determined that since A.T. Paschall had an heir that was ALL WHITE in his daughter, Effie Paschall Ruddick, that all of A.T. Paschall's property and assets, previously inherited by Martha Alice Paschall, were granted to her (Effie). Then, Effie and her husband, and other Ruddicks in power in Benton Co., AR, had my gr-grandmother EVICTED from the house where she had lived with my gr-grandfather for OVER 40 YEARS, because she was an INDIAN. Because my gr-grandmother had no where to go, and had no idea where her mother's family were - SINCE SHE WAS SEPARATED FROM THEM WHEN SHE WAS A YOUNG GIRL AND WAS SENT TO A BOARDING SCHOOL IN MISSOURI, and since her brother (who may have been a cousin), Mitchel, who did keep in touch with her and was with her to support her side at the time, WAS ALSO TAKEN AWAY AND DEPOSITED IN PARTS UNKNOWN by the Ruddicks - away from the Paschall farm, she wired my grandfather, who was at the time married and living in Glades, AR, and he came and got her. He was also able to GET MARTHA ALICE'S PERSONAL BELONGINGS, described by Effie as her SAVAGE RAGS, from Effie, who did not realize at the time how valuable those "rags" would one day be. Those "rags" were for a long time kept by our grandparents in their Family Treasure boxes and I saw them many times, sometimes on Martha Alice when she was alive. They were a leather suede dress, with beads and quills sewn in patterns on it, with leather fringe hanging from the arms and across the chest, and a pair of matching leggings, a feather fan, some egg-shaped painted rattles, and a few other things. Our Aunt Jane took the Family Treasure boxes when our grandmother died in 1963, and we haven't seen them since, and she doesn't remember anything about them since she has been suffering from Alzheimer's for many years. We believe she or her husband probably donated or sold them and don't want to tell us, since they considered them to be their property after they acquired them in 1963. As if that wasn't enough, Native Americans (in 1940s-1950s) were not allowed to live in the city limits of the town where Grandad moved his family in the late 1930's, Ft. Pierce, FL. Martha Alice was not violent, threatening, or in anyway a health risk to anybody, but people were constantly complaining about her or complaining to the police that they felt threatened by her living "in town." They felt threatened by her dancing outside with her long-fringed shawl, by her singing "Indian" style, by her maintaining sticks (1 on each side of Grandad's house, in the yard) with different colors of large ribbon or cloth strips, by her "blowing smoke from her hands" all over the outside of the house (she also did it inside the house to get rid of bad feelings and bad intentions), and she didn't blow the smoke from her hands - she had her small ceramic bowl in which she put sweet grass, tobacco and sage, and that was what was smoking, and she was fanning it with her feather fan - and other things typical of her heritage that others in town (probably from their inherant guilt) felt inappropriate and possibly threatening to them. So, my Grandad was ordered to keep her in his house all the time, and she could never go outside. Well, after several incidents and reports still going to the police that she had "been sighted in the outdoors of Elza Paschal's house), and after the Klan burned a cross in Grandad's yard one night, the police came, took her away in handcuffs, and the court, finding her guilty of intentionally disregarding its order, and for causing civil unrest, and for being ungovernable, sentenced her to the Florida State Hospital for the Mentally Insane. Now we know that, from information at that hospital and the Florida State Archives, that no doctor ever diagnosed her, no doctor at the hospital was ever assigned for her, no treatment was ever determined or given her, no medicine was ever prescribed for her, and the reason given was because she was not there for being mentally ill, nor from mental incapacity, but because the Court could not put her in jail and they only had one option available to them, to sentence her to the Florida State Mental Hospital. We also know from those sources that many, many "Indians" from all over Florida, and some from Alabama and Georgia were also "incarcerated" there by the same procedures, and all died there. However, we still have Martha Alice's memory, and her stories - what we can remember. However, we can't find her anywhere in any tribal records or census lists. We know she existed. We know she was definitely Native American and came from a Missouri boarding school shortly before she married A.T. Paschall, that she was probably given the name Martha Alice Eads while a student at that boarding school, and we know the events caused by other people who were reacting to something they were unbelievably afraid of. SO, anyone want to tell me that my gr-grandmother was NOT Native American, go ahead, but your words are ridiculous since you did not know her and we did. You can contact me at: And, by the way, we also have native connections in other parts of the family, but to my knowledge as of this time, none of our family has ever been able to apply for tribal membership anywhere. I know I am at least 1/8 whatever my gr-grandmother was, as far as tribal affiliation, and 100% of what she gave me in my mind and heart. According to her "grandfathers", that, following the good red road, and what's in my heart and intentions, all known to the Great Spirit, is all I need to confirm the native spirit of my gr-grandmother in me. I am gladly her witness and she is mine - Annadella Little Owl Paschal
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