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Loyalists in east Florida

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Cox & Georgia Refugees to E. Florida

Posted: 8 Jul 2013 5:43PM GMT
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Surnames: Hilburn, Cox, Williams, Thompson, Murray, Jones, etc.
I discovered a list of Georgia Loyalist refugees with my ancestor's name on it. I put the names in alphabetical order, but they weren't that way in this book.

Loyalist Georgia- a dissertation by Robert Gary Mitchell
Appendix III, page 319 :
"A Return of Refugees, with their Negroes, who came to the Province of East Florida in consequence of the evacuation of the Province of Georgia," PRO, CO/5, 560, 805, Library of Congress transcripts.
July 1782

This list has names and #'s of White Males, Females & Children, & the same categories for Black.

Edward Aston,
Nathaniel Ashley,
Thomas Anderson
James Armstrong,
Margarett Anderson,
Widow Agnew,
George Bailey,
Samuel Ballard,
James Barnard,
George Barnes,
Susanah Barrier ,
Barbara Barrier,
Richard Barrow,
Thomas Barrow,
Isaac Belliew (Baillou),
Mrs. Bennett,
William Bennett,
Angus Bethune,
Christian Bingaman,
Nathan Blackwell,
Cloe Blunt,
John Blythe,
Elias Bonhill (I suspect Bonnell- Joy's note),
Caleb Boon,
John Booth,
Martha Bradey,
Samuel Brandon,
Wiilliam Brazett,
Robert Brazewell,
John Bremar,
John Briggs,
Burrard Brown,
James Brown,
John Brown,
Michael Brown,
Sarah Brown,
Thomas Brown (Col.),
Thomas Brownhill,
Benjamin Browning,
John Browning,
Daniel Brownson,
Zachariah Bryan,
Elijah Buship ,
James Bynham,
Luke Bynham,
Gerald Byrn,
Lewis Cadiack,
John Caid,
Arthur Cairney,
John Caldwell,
Matthew Caldwell,
John Cameron,
Charles Campbell,
John Canada,
Willoughby Cannon,
Jacob Carpenter,
Alexander Carrey,
Edward Carsewell,
Alexander Carter,
William Case,
Alexander Clark,
Catherine Clark,
James Clark,
Thomas Clark,
William Clark,
William Clark (in town),
Valentine Clem,
George Club,
Thomas Club,
William Club,
Thomas Codrey,
David Collins,
Hezekiah Collins,
William Collins,
Ralph Cooke,
Simon Combust,
William Corker,
Joseph Cornick,
Robert Correy,
Joseph Coutch,
Robert Cowan,
Patience Cox,
Robert Cox,
Edward Crawford,
Moses Cree,
John Crosbey,
William Crutchfield,
Alexander Cunningham,
Stephen Dampier ,
Ephraim Davies ,
Isaac Davies,
Richard Davies,
Richard Davies,
William Davies,
Sarah Delegal,
Henry Dinkins,
James Douglas,
Col. John Douglas,
John Downer,
Thomas Drury,
Thomas Duberry,
Cornelius Dun,
Elijah Dyer,
Elizabeth English,
John English,
Ebenezer Falsome,
Samuel Farley,
Henry Ferguson,
John Flannagan,
Thomas Flemming,
Thomas Flemming, Jr.,
John A. Flyersmouth,
James Forbes,
Drury Forte, Jr.,
Drury Forte, Sr.,
John Foulke,
John Fowlis,
Benjamin Fox,
Jean Fox,
John Fox,
Thomas Fox,
Adam Fradget,
Robert Friend,
Aaron Fryer,
Ann Fulford,
John Furlow,
John Garnard,
Moses George,
Emelia Gibbons,
John Golphin,
John Graham for self & others,
Walter Graham,
Thomas Green,
William Green,
Richard Gregory,
George Greshem,
James Grey,
Mary Grymes,
John Hall,
Francis Hancock,
John Hannagan,
Daniel Harrigie,
James Harriott ,
Lewis Harris,
William Harris,
William Harris,
Noah Harrod,
Michael Haverlin,
James Henderson,
John Hendricks,
Isaac Herbert ,
William Hickson,
Hollum Hillburn,
William Hilburn,
David Hodge,
William Hodges,
Daniel Hogan,
John Holland,
John Holland (St. Marys),
John Honey,
John Honeycut,
Mary Honeycut,
John Hopkins,
John Hopkins,
Jacob Hover,
James Howe,
James Howel,
Thomas Hughes,
James Hume, Esqr,
James Hunt,
Ann Ingles,
Alexander Ingles,
John Ingram ,
Edward Ireby ,
Robert Irvin,
James Islands,
William Jackson,
George Jenkins ,
Richard Jenkins,
Samuel Hunt Jenkins,
Elizabeth Johnson,
George Johnson Sr. and Jr. ,
John Johnson,
Rachell Johnson,
William Johnson ,
Dr. Lewis Johnston,
Martin Jollie,
David Jones, `
James Jones,
John Jones,
John Jones,
Inigo Jones,
Samuel Jones,
William Jones,
Thomas Jordan,
Roger Keisal,
Joseph Kelly,
Robert Kelly
Thomas Kene
George Kidd,
Soloman King,
James Lambert,
David Legate,
Francis Leslie,
James Leslie,
Joseph Leslie,
Isaac Lewis,
Surles Lewis,
John Linder,
Robert Little,
Mathew Lively,
Thomas Lloyd,
Mark Lock,
William Love,
Ponsey Lure,
William Lyford,
James Lyle,
Matthew Lyle,
Mrs. Lyons,
William Mangum,
Boaz Manlove,
Thomas Manuel,
John Marks,
David Marron,
John Martin, Esq.,
John Martin (2d),
Abram Martinangel,
John Matterson,
Malcolm McBride,
John McCord,
Archibald McDonald,
John McDonald,
Patrick McDonald,
William McDonald,
Finlay McGilvreye,
James McGirth,
David McGown,
George McKenzie,
Alexander McLean,
Donald McLeod,
Thomas McMinn,
Archibald McNiel,
Murdoch McPherson,
George Miller ,
Abraam Minsey,
Elizabeth Mitchell,
Samuel Montgomerie,
Arthur Moore,
James Moore,
James Moore (2d),
Matthew Moore,
Sarah Moore,
Samuel Moore,
Thomas Moore,
William Moore,
Michael Morrel,
John Morrison,
Thomas Mountain ,
John Muir,
Stephen Murray,
John Napier,
John Nichol,
Marcum Nicholson,
John Nidray,
Edward Nix,
James Nix,
Ephraim Norris,
James Nowland,
William Oates,
Peter Oglevie,
Jean Oliver,
Anne Owens,
Willis Pace,
Darius Peace,
William Perdieu,
Soloman Peters,
Thomas Phalan,
Daniel Phillips,
George Phillips,
John Phillips,
George Pinkley,
Thomas R. Pinson,
Robert Plummer,
William Powell,
Joel Rackley ,
Mary Rattam,
John Rayborn,
Robert Reid,
Thomas Reid,
William Reid,
Ann Reynolds,
John Right,
Abraam Roberts,
John Robertson,
Henry Robinson,
James Robinson,
John Rogers,
Joseph Rogers, and Junr.,
George Rollinson,
William Ross,
John Rowland,
David Russell,
Samuel Ryal,
Ann Rymar,
Lewis Saunders,
Rev. James Seymour,
Richard shave,
Francis Shaw,
Samuel Shephard,
Mary Silcocke,
Willis Simmonds,
Mary Sizemore,
Andrew Skene,
Elizabeth Sliterman,
Samuel Sloan,
Samuel Smith,
William Smith,, Jr. and Sr.
Thomas Snallocke,
Henry Sommerlin,
Robert Spence,
John Stanley,
Hugh Steel,
Richard Stephens,
Matthew Stewart,
Swanson & McGillvray,
Henry Swiney,
Margarett Sykes,
William Sym ,
Robert Syms,
Joshua Tattnall,
Charles Taylor,
Mary Taylor,
Thomas Taylor,
William Taylor and “2nd”,
John Thomas,
Rueben Thompson,
Peter Thompson,
Robert Campbell Thompson,
William Thompson,
Giles Tillett,
James Tillett,
Thomas Tipton,
John Todd,
Stephen Touchstone,
Robert Trap,
Aaron Travis,
Rachel Travis,
Christopher Triebner ,
Elizabeth Tullos,
Nehemiah Tunnis,
Thomas Tunnis,
Thomas Turner,
Daniel Underwood,
Mary Vansant ,
John Walker ,
James Wallis ,
Nicholas Walsh,
Sinclair Waters,
Moses Watkins,
Benjamin Watson,
William Webb,
George Weesh,
Martin Weatherford ,
James Westley,
John White ,
Daniel Whiteman,
Abner Williams,
Abraham Wilkins,
Rebecca Wilkins,
Samuel Wilkins,
John Wilson,
John Wilson,
John Wood ,
Thomas Wood,
Thomas Wright,
Rose Wudrup,
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