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Misophonia / sounds that drive you nuts! Is this Hereditary?

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Misophonia / sounds that drive you nuts! Is this Hereditary?

Posted: 17 Jul 2013 2:21PM GMT
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The only reason I ask this is because my grandfather about 5 years before he died, started having "sounds" issues and became so reclusive that even his own family could not come and visit him. It was very stressing on us, but we sort of understood why. Now I seem to have these same issues and they have only gotten worse over the last say 15 years!
Certain SOUNDS make me want to cringe!! I Just found out, thanks to Kelly Rippa (I mean this in a good way because she has it too), that it actually has a name and its called Misophonia. I am Very sensitive to bass! Absolutely go insane when some inconsiderate person blasts their music or home theatre systems bass from their home or driveway and it penetrates my own house and causes me distress!! Its like having a severe panic attack on the inside and I just want to run away to someplace quiet to recoup. Leafblowers and chain saws have the same effect on me as do excessively barking dogs and generator motors. Idling diesel engines from trucks or trains, metal eating utensils hitting someones teeth when they eat, even mispronounced words (example: NU-CLEAR...nuclear...if someone says NUKE-E-LAR, I go up the wall).
I also seem to hear a low rumble Hum at my house and I'm not sure if its because my house sits atop a full basement and the basement acts as a sound enhancing chamber to the upstairs living part or what, but I even had to move out of our bedroom and into our den to sleep at times because being street side where I could hear everything so clearly at times drove me up the wall to where I couldn't sleep and I was keeping my husband up too. This is apparently a very debilitating thing and there are TONS of folks out there with this, but since this is an obvious medical condition, I am now wondering if anyone has knowledge of this being a genetically (Hereditary disease)?
Thanks for your input on this.
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