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Free online obits of doctors, dentists, 1841-2011

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Free online obits of doctors, dentists, 1841-2011

Posted: 14 Apr 2011 10:14AM GMT
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I found a wonderful free online source: published medical journals which print members' obituaries! See:

(Make sure you search PubMed Central, not just PubMed.)

I've noticed journals published in the US, the UK, and Canada. There may be other countries as well...?

I searched PubMed Central's database for "Necrology" and found hundreds of free obits. Many of these are several pages long AND include photos.

You can also search for "obituary" or "obituaries". Those searches bring up thousands of free obits.

You can also search by a surname.

If you include a first name in your search, you MUST include the word AND. Example: David AND Watkins.

Here are the names I found when I searched for Necrology: (year is publication year, which is usually the death year, but not always)

Richard Von Volkmann, (died 1889, article published 2000)
S. Rodman Irvine, MD, (2000)
Alfred J. Elliot, MD, (2000)
Joseph Dixon, MD, (2000)
Leonard Christensen, MD, (2000)
Frank William Newell, MD, (1999)
Samuel Dace McPherson, Jr, MD, (1999)
Moshe Lahav, MD, (1999)
Harold Beasley, MD, (1999)
Charles Allen Perera, MD, (1998)
Alfred Edward Maumenee Jr, MD, (1998)
Charles Edwin Iliff III MD, (1998)
Larry L. Calkins, MD, Ms, (1998)
Joseph A.C. Wadsworth, MD, (1997)
John Samuel Mcgavic, MD, (1997)
Arthur Hail Keeney, MD, (1997)
Harold Gifford Jr, MD, (1997)
Frederick Christopher Blodi, MD, (1997)
Larry Turner, MD, (1996)
Garrett L. Sullivan, MD, (1996)
William Howard Morrision, MD, (1996)
Alexander Ray Irvine, Jr, MD, (1996)
John E. Harris, MD, Phd, (1996)
Robert Patrick Burns, MD, (1996)
Henry L. Birge, MD, (1996)
Joshua Norman Haldeman, DC (Born 1902) (1995)
Theodore E. Sanders, MD, (1995)
F. Phinizy Calhoun, Jr., MD, (1995)
Victor Allen Byrnes, MD, (1995)
Irving Puntenney, MD, (1994)
Joseph Donald Morin, : MD, Frcs(C), Facs, (1994)
Thomas J. Kirby, Jr., MD, (1994)
Wendell L. Hughes, MD, (1994)
Howard Foster Hill, MD, (1994)
H. Rommel Hildreth, MD, (1994)
George M. Haik, Sr., MD, (1994)
David Stern Friendly, MD, (1994)
Robert M. Ellsworth, MD, (1994)
David D. Donaldson, MD, (1994)
Lester H. Quinn, MD, (1993)
Irving H. Leopold, MD, (1993)
Thomas David Duane, MD, Phd, (1993)
David G. Cogan, MD, (1993)
Alson E. Braley, MD, (1993)
James Harrill Allen, MD, (1993)
Middleton Elliott Randolph, MD, (1992)
Brendan D. Leahey, MD, (1992)
Alton Venson Hallum, MD, (1992)
Andrew De Roetth, Jr, MD, (1992)
Windsor S. Davies MD, (1992)
Gordon M. Bruce, MD, (1992)
Byron Capleese Smith, MD, (1991)
C. Victor Simpson, MD, (1991)
C. Wilbur Rucker, MD, (1991)
Ronald G. Michels MD, (1991)
Philip Knapp, MD, (1991)
James Graham Dobbie, MD, (1991)
David Shoch, MD, (1990)
Harold Glendon Scheie, MD, (1990)
Warren S. Reese, MD, (1990)
William John Holmes, MD, (1990)
John Barnard Hitz, MD, (1990)
David Oliver Harrington, MD, (1990)
John Soper Crawford, MD, Cm, Frcs(C), (1990)
L. Benjamin Sheppard, MD, (1989)
Placidus J. Leinfelder, MD, (1989)
Tullos O. Coston, MD, (1989)
David V. L. Brown, MD, (1989)
CO (Claude O.) Watkins, Dc, Ficc, Doctor Of Humanities, (1988)
Dohrmann Kaspar Pischel, MD, (1988)
Angus Lloyd Mclean, MD, Cm, (1988)
Arthur Linksz, MD, (1988)
Philip Meriwether Lewis, MD, (1988)
Lorand V. Johnson, MD, (1988)
Jack S. Guyton, MD, (1988)
Henry Carroll Smith, MD, (1987)
James Wilkinson Jervey, Jr., MD, (1987)
Trygve Gundersen, MD, (1987)
Paul A. Chandler, MD, (1987)
Ramon Castroviejo, MD, (1987)
Francis Heed Adler, MD, (1987)
Warren H. Wilson, MD, (1986)
Charles Dexter Phelps, MD, (1986)
Donald J. Lyle, MD, (1986)
John Harry King, Jr, MD, (1986)
Richard Edwin Hoover, MD, (1986)
Hugh C. Donahue, MD, (1986)
Raynold N. Berke, MD, (1986)
Mary Knight Asbury, MD, (1986)
P. Robb Mcdonald, MD, (1985)
John Frederick Gipner, MD, (1985)
Glen Gregory Gibson, MD, (1985)
Edwin Blakeslee Dunphy, MD, (1985)
Glen L. Walker, MD, (1984)
Albert D. Ruedemann, Jr, MD, (1984)
Kenneth Lawrence Roper, MD, (1984)
Richard Townley Paton, MD, (1984)
William Province Mcguire, MD, (1984)
Dame Ida Caroline Mann, (1984)
Cecil W. Lepard, MD, (1984)
Levon K. Garron, MD, (1984)
Harold R. Downey, MD, (1984)
Joseph William Crawford, MD, (1984)
John Cordon Cole, MD, (1984)
Harvey E. Thorpe, MD, (1983)
F. B. Fralick, MD, (1983)
Edward N. Dewitt, MD, (1983)
Algernon Beverly Reese, MD., (1982)
J. Vernal Cassady, MD, (1981)
William P. Beetham, MD, (1981)
William Matthews Bane, MD, (1981)
Robert M. Ramsay, MD, (1980)
Peter C. Kronfeld, MD, (1980)
Samuel J. Kimura, MD, (1980)
Sir Stewart Duke-Elder, MD, Dsc, Phd, (1980)
Maynard C. Wheller, MD., (1979)
Frank Burton Walsh, MD., (1979)
Jerome T. Pearlman, MD., (1979)
Frank Duncan Costenbader, MD., (1979)
Harold Whaley Brown, MD., (1979)
Arthur C. Unsworth, MD., (1978)
John V. V. Nicholls, MD., (1978)
Murray Frew Mccaslin, MD., (1978)
Harold H. Joy, MD., (1978)
John H. Dunnington, MD., (1978)
Walter Sydney Atkinson, MD., (1978)
Bennett Young Alvis, MD., (1978)
John P. Wendland, MD., (1977)
Brittain Ford Payne, MD., (1977)
Alexander Edward Macdonald, MD., (1977)
Michael J. Hogan, MD., (1977)
Parker Heath, MD., (1977)
William Banks Anderson, Sr., MD., (1977)
Ludwig J. K. Von Sallmann, MD., (1976)
Wilfred E. Fry, MD., (1976)
Ambrose Earl Edgerton, MD., (1976)
George N. Wise, MD., (1975)
Frederick William Stocker, MD., (1975)
William B. Clark, MD., (1975)
Edwin W. Burton, MD., (1975)
Hermann M. Burian, MD., (1975)
Alexander A.Krieger, MD., (1974)
William F. Holzer, MD, (1974)
Walter F. Duggan, MD., (1974)
Arthur J. Bedell, MD., (1974)
Derrick Vail, MD, (1973)
Charles Robert Potts, MD, (1973)
James Irving Moore, MD, (1973)
John C. Long, MD, (1973)
Alex Eugene Krill, MD, (1973)
Erling Wilhelm Hansen, MD, (1973)
Charles Dwight Townes, MD., (1972)
Albert Darwin Ruedemann, MD., (1972)
James Noah Greear, Jr, MD., (1972)
Leighton Francis Appleman, MD., (1972)
Georgiana Dvorak-Theobald, MD., (1971)
Robert J. Masters, MD., (1971)
William Alfred Mann, M.D., (1971)
Thomas Holland Johnson, MD., (1971)
Karl Wolfgang Ascher, MD., (1971)
Rudolph Aebli, MD., (1971)
Ralph Irving Lloyd., (1970)
Walter H. Fink., (1970)
Frederick Allison Davis., (1970)
William Edgar Borley, M.D., (1970)
Eugene Maurice Blake., (1970)
Martin Hayward Post, Jr., M.D., (1969)
Harry Eggers, M.D., (1969)
William Lemuel Benedict, M.D., (1969)
John Milton Mclean, M.D., (1968)
Francis Pelzer Smart, M.D., (1967)
Charles E. G. Shannon, M.D., (1967)
Cyrus W. Rutherford, M.D., (1967)
Josef Igersheimer, M.D., (1967)
F. Herbert Haessler, M.D., (1967)
James Mason Baird, M.D., (1967)
Merrill Jenks King, M.D., (1965)
Joseph Marious Keller, M.D., (1965)
Alexander Garrison Fewell, M.D., (1965)
Alfred Cowan, M.D., (1965)
Frederick Carl Cordes, M.D., (1965)
Paul Anton Cibis, M.D., (1965)
Ferdinand Phinizy Calhoun, M. D., (1965)
William Evans Bruner, M. D., (1965)
Shaler Arnold Richardson, M.D., (1964)
Searle Bisset Marlow, M.D., (1964)
Willis Sackett Knighton, M.D., (1964)
William Mahlon James, M.D., (1964)
David Filsinger Gillette, M.D., (1964)
Beulah Cushman, (1964)
Edward Parris Burch, Ii, M.D., (1964)
Albert L. Brown, M.D., (1964)
Alan Churchill Woods, M.D., (1963)
Frederick Eno Woodruff, M.D., (1963)
Frank Norris Knapp, M.D., (1963)
Cecil Pratt Clark, M.D., (1963)
Conrad Berens, M.D., (1963)
Ralph Orlando Rychener, M.D., (1962)
Leslie Charles Drews, M.D., (1962)
Nelson Miles Black, M.D., (1962)
Carl Sheldon Williams, M.D., (1961)
Henry Patrick Wagener, M.D., (1961)
Clarence A. Veasey, Jr., M.D., (1961)
Hendrie Walter Grant, M.D., (1961)
Arthur M. Culler, M.D., (1961)
Austin Flint (born 1812, Biographical Study in 1961)
Bernard Samuels, M.D., (1960)
George A. Leahey, M.D., (1960)
John Woolfolk Burke, M.D., (1960)
Frank Earl Burch, M.D., (1960)
Hans Barkan, M.D., (1960)
Moacyr E. Alvaro, M.D., (1960)
William Ewing Shahan, M.D., (1960)
Norma Bertha Elles, M.D., (1960)
William Zentmayer, M.D., (1958)
Charles Augustus Young, Sr., (1958)
Clarence Archibald Veasey, M.D., A.M., (1958)
Albert Lemoine, M.D., (1958)
W. Gordon M. Byers, (1958)
Abram B. Bruner, M.D., (1958)
Otto Barkan, M.D., (1958)
Arthur M. Yudkin, M.D., (1957)
John Herbert Waite, M.D., (1957)
Henry S. Miles, M.D., (1957)
Frederick Thomas Tooke, M.D., (1956)
Arnold Knapp, M.D., (1956)
Henry Cooper Haden, M.D., (1956)
Jonas Stein Friedenwald, M.D., (1956)
Justin M. Donegan, M.D., (1956)
Thomas Dyer Allen, M.D., (1956)
Albert Conrad Snell, M.D., (1955)
Hunter W. Scarlett, M.D., (1955)
Hugo Bruno Carl Riemer, M.D., (1955)
Brown Pusey, M.D., (1955)
Walter Robert Parker, M.D., (1955)
George Lester Kilgore, M.D., (1955)
Legrand H. Hardy, M.D., (1955)
John Frank Hardesty, M.D., (1955)
George H. Cross, M.D., (1955)
Martin Cohen, M.D., (1955)
Clyde A. Clapp, M.D., (1955)
E. Terry Smith, M.D, (1953)
J. A. Macmillan, M.D, (1953)
John Norris Evans, M.D, (1953)
Edward Vail Lapham Brown, M.D, (1953)
Roy Otis Riser, M.D, (1952)
Frederick Mcculloch Morrison, M.D, (1952)
William Henry Luedde, M.D, (1952)
Walter Brackett Lancaster, M.D, (1952)
William Henry Crisp, M.D, (1952)
Gideon Mcdonald Van Poole, M.D., (1951)
Harry Friedenwald, M. D, (1950)
Clyde E. Mcdannald, M. D, (1950)
Harry Searls Gradle, M. D, (1950)
Joseph William Charles, M. D, (1950)
Dr. John Elmer Weeks, (1949)
Dr. Hunter Holmes Mcguire, (1949)
Dr. Hunter H. Mcguire, (1949)
Dr. John Green, (1949)
Dr. Arthur Nathaniel Alling, (1949)
Dr. William Tarun, (1948)
Dr. Ernest Frederick Krug, (1948)
Dr. Louis Storrow Greene, (1948)
Dr. Theodore Lasater Terry, (1947)
Dr. Walter Ivan Lillie, (1947)
Dr. George Franklin Libby, (1947)
Dr. Robert Von Der Heydt, (1947)
Dr. Edward Coleman Ellett, (1947)
Dr. Grady Edward Clay, (1947)
Dr. John T. Carpenter, (1947)
Dr. James W. White, (1946)
Dr. Cassius D. Wescott, (1946)
Dr. E. Eugene Holt, Jr., (1946)
Dr. Ellice M. Alger, (1946)
Dr. Carl Fisher, (1945)
Dr. Carl Koller, (1944)
Dr. Sanford Robinson Gifford, (1944)
Dr. Fred Maurice Spalding, (1944)
Dr. Charles H. May, (1944)
Dr. Clifford B. Walker, (1944)
Dr. William Toy Shoemaker, (1943)
Dr. Samuel Hanford Mckee, (1943)
Dr. Frank W. Marlow, (1943)
Dr. Edward Jackson, (1943)
Dr. John Milton Griscom, (1943)
Dr. Allen Greenwood, (1943)
Dr. Francis Wayles Shine, (1942)
Dr. David Bigelow Lovell, (1942)
Sir D'arcy Power, (1941)
Herbert Elwin Harris, (1941)
Sidney Davies, (1941)
William Frederick Brook, (1941)
Dr. Harry Edward Mansell, (1941)
Dr. R.H.P. Orde, (1941)
Dr. Alexander Glencourse Hays, (1941)
Dr. William Garfield Forde, (1941)
Dr. Cecil Frank Moore, (finish)
Dr. Joseph Augustus White, (1941)
Dr. Park Lewis, (1941)
Dr. Achilles Edward Davis, (1941)
Dr. Webb William Weeks, (1940)
Dr. Patrick Chalmers Jameson, (1940)
Dr. James Aubrey Lippincott, (1939)
Dr. John Martin Wheeler, (1939)
Dr. George E. De Schweinitz, (1939)
Dr. James Alfred Spalding, (1938)
Dr. Charles Dunbar Roy, (1938)
Dr. Ward Andrews Holden, (1937)
Dr. Thomas Beaver Holloway, (1937)
Dr. Clarence King, (1937)
Dr. William Holland Wilmer, (1936)
Dr. Edward Balthasar Heckel, (1936)
Dr. William H. Wilder, (1936)
Dr. Howard Forde Hansell, (1935)
Dr. William Campbell Posey, (1935)
Dr. Henry Dickson Bruns, (1934)
Dr. William Chris Finnoff, (1934)
Dr. G. Oram Ring, (1933)
Dr. Peter A. Callan, (1933)
Dr. George Strong Derby, (1932)
Edgar Steiner Thomson, M.D, (1931)
Hiram Woods, M.D., Ll.D, (1931)
Samuel Theobald, M.D, (1931)
Walter Eyre Lambert, M.D, (1931)
Archibald Lyle Macleish, M.D, (1930)
William H. Carmalt, M.D, (1930)
Friedrich Von Müller (Birthday 1929)
Joseph A. Andrews, M.D, (1929)
Myles Standish, M.D, (1929)
Arthur E. Ewing, M.D, (1929)
Lucien Howe, M.D, (1929)
Francis A. Lane, M.D, (1927)
Robert Grigg Reese, Ph.G., M.D, (1927)
William Merrick Sweet, M.D, (1927)
Marcus Feingold, M.D, (1926)
Lee Masten Francis, M.D, (1926)
Samuel Lewis Ziegler, M.D, (1926)
Alexander Duane, M.D., D.Sc, (1926)
Cyrus Strong Merrill, A.M., M.D, (1926)
Thomas Rickett Pooley, M.D, (1926)
Dwight Williams Hunter, A.B., M.D, (1925)
Frederick E. Cheney, M.D, (1925)
William S. Dennett, M.D, (1925)
Herbert Harlan, A.B., M.D, (1924)
Henry Reese Price, M.D., Ll.D, (1924)
Lewis Seaver Dixon, A.M. M.D, (1924)
John Herbert Claiborne, M.D, (1923)
George Milbry Gould, A.M., M.D, (1923)
William Vincent Marmion, A.M., M.D, (1923)
Walter Lytle Pyle, A.M., M.D, (1922)
Francis Peleg Sprague, M.D, (1922)
Adolf Alt, M.D, (1921)
George Thomas Stevens, M.D., Ph.D, (1921)
Arthur Mathewson, A.M., M.D, (1921)
Robert Lee Randolph, A.M., M.D, (1920)
Samuel Doty Risley, A.M., M.D., Ll.D, (1920)
Richard Andrews Reeve, B.A., M.D., Ll.D., (1919)
Dr. Frederick Morse Wilson, (1918)
Charles H. Williams, A.M., M.D, (1918)
Dr. Wilbur Boileau Marple, (1917)
Dr. Charles Heady Beard, (1916)
Dr. Benjamin L. Millikin, (1916)
Dr. Benjamin Joy Jeffries, (1916)
Dr. M. Hayward Post, (1915)
Dr. Emil Gruening, (1915)
Dr. George Strawbridge, (1915)
Dr. Hasket Derby, (1915)
Dr. David Coggin, (1914)
Dr. John Green, (1914)
Henry Gibbons, Jr, (1912)
Dr. Blencowe E. Fryer, (1912)
Dr. Alvin Allace Hubbell, (1912)
Dr. Oliver Fairfield Wadsworth, (1912)
William Bailey, (1911)
Dr. Frank Newell Lewis, (1911)
Dr. Charles Augustus Oliver, (1911)
Dr. Charles Stedman Bull, (1911)
Dr. Herman Knapp, (1911)
Dr. Samuel Benedict St. John, (1910)
Dr. George Cuvier Harlan, (1910)
Dr. Richard Henry Derby, (1909)
Dr. William Thomson, (1909)
Dr. Daniel Bennett St. John Roosa, (1909)
Dr. Gustavus Hay, (1909)
Beriah Andrew Watson, (1893)
I. Annus Chirurgicus-1884, (1884)
Dr. William P. Dewees, (1841)

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