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FTM 2012 Constantly Freezes

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Re: FTM 2012 Constantly Freezes

Posted: 29 Feb 2012 4:37PM GMT
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Hi Drew,
I'm not suggesting logging off is the answer, just confirming it's the same problem I have.

The constant freezes I had did not happen in the UK morning periods, 08:00 - 13:00 GMT
At peak times it was OK if I had unlinked the tree or I logged out of Ancestry.

Also it was impossible to complete a tree upload at peak times, fine in the morning. The file uploaded but the server failed to import into the tree. Nothing wrong with the data as the same file would upload at off peak times.
It has to be understood that we all use the same Utah server regardless of what country we are in.

This pointed to Ancestry server issues and in the absence of any meaningful input from Ancestry Support I carried out my own tests.

FTM 2012 was installed on XP partition on my Linux server without any other programs apart from a network monitor.
Briefly, what I found out was that FTM polled the Familytreemaker server on periodic basis to check if the online tree had changed, this was regardless of whether auto sync was on or off.
This is the logical way of telling FTM that the tree has changed, we don't want constant internet noise.
At periods of high server load,if that poll was unsuccessful or took a long time to execute, the program went into a not responding mode for a period.
I passed all my test results on the Ancestry Support team
The reply received was :-

At this time all the Ancestry sites are having extreme site traffic that may cause slowness issues. Also, you may want to try some of the steps in the link below.

Answer Title: Tree Sync Troubleshooting Steps
Answer Link:
Of course that link was not relevant to the issues I had raised.
I have spent hours trying to get this awful program to work and OK it's passable 08:00 - 12:00 GMT but that’s no use to me! I have now reverted back to FTM 2011.
Ancestry still are aggressively marketing the program in the uk further loading the servers, it's a complete disgrace.

I am now in the process of getting my money back, all the time and effort is hardly worth the £20 plus postage, it's just the principle that I hate being ripped off. I bought the upgrade from the UK Ancestry Shop and at first they did not want to play ball until I involved my local trading standards office. It's now been returned and I just waiting for the money!!
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