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FTM2012 Corrupting Data Today Worse than when Problems Reported 13 Months Ago

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Re: FTM2012 Corrupting Data Today Worse than when Problems Reported 13 Months Ago

Posted: 2 Mar 2013 10:38PM GMT
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ref: Susandallri post on 2 Mar 2013

After reading all I could about recent FTM2012 Sync failures and data corruption, I agree with your conclusion that the only feasible solution left for users of both AMT and FTM is to do what you suggest: "place (and work from) separate trees on and in FTM2012"; i.e., do NOT Link NOR Sync, to avoid corrupting your family trees.

Since linked FTM and AMT trees cannot be "synced" with any confidence to not corrupt data, causing frustratingly huge wastes of time to review and repair sync damage, I plan to try to use the better features of both trees SEPARATELY. How?
1) FTM2012 will let you download AMT (Ancestry Member Trees) as GEDCOM files, which you can then MERGE into your desktop FTM tree,
2) import the AMT into a NEW FTM tree which includes Media citations as links only, or you can download actual media files by following steps in this webpage:
- unfortunately, you cannot (to my knowledge) upload your FTM tree and merge it into your online AMT, since will only allow them to exist as 2 separate trees; therefore, merging of trees appears to be possible only with the desktop FTM2012 software. If anyone has a work-around or knows of another method to possibly merge online trees on, please let me know; however, help files state such online merging of trees is not supported.

This problem with "Sync Failures" is a real shame, since the prospect of being able to link and sync AMT and FTM for efficient integration of genealogy data is a useful and powerful feature - but ONLY if it works flawlessly.

Unfortunately, the FTM-AMT sync program has become FATALLY FLAWED and UNRELIABLE for its intended use, and should NOT be used by anyone nor offered by FTM until the software is completely fixed, if possible. In addition, should take responsible action by PROHIBITING SYNCs of AMTs (member trees) with FTM2012 trees until the 2 companies can jointly prove and show users that syncing linked trees will integrate genealogy data accurately and reliably for most PC systems.

The Sync FAILURE worsened for me ~Dec 2012, and it does NOT appear that the 2 or more* companies involved are serious about fixing this sync disaster. (*FTM2012 Help-About-Acknowledgements TAB shows software integrations with: to provide GenBridge file import tech, for places, and for dictionaries, which may be implicated in sync failures until ruled out as contributing to the problems.)

So, instead of continuing to try to continue to work with my online and desktop trees linked together and synced in an integrated manner, as and FTM2012 "proudly promote", I must resort to keeping them totally separated until or if the sync program is fixed.

In addition, since these companies' software quality and technical support are deteriorating (evidenced by troubling patterns of indifference to and neglect of sync failures and data corruption), I am actively searching for genealogy software alternatives to FTM2012 and; even though I have used both for the past 15 years starting with Broderbund versions. FTM and Ancestry are forcing customers away through their inaction on serious software issues and by disrespect shown towards negatively impacted users.

I hope they improve soon and fix their flawed software, but I doubt it based upon past poor responses to many users.
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